15 Late Fall Maintenance Tips for Lawn Mowers

Homeowners need to take time to prepare their yard for the cold winter months ahead. While preparing the outdoors, take the time to take care of the lawn mower engine before putting it in storage for the year. When the lawn mower engine is prepared in the late fall, it is ready for the spring months ahead. Do not go under the assumption that if the lawn mower is in good running order in late fall it will still be in good working order when it is time to use it next spring.

A number of things can go wrong with a lawn mower, even though it is not touched throughout the late fall and winter months. Taking a few basic maintenance steps can lead to a stress free, easy start up for the first use when the time comes. 

15 Tips for Late Fall Lawn Mower Engine Care Tips

Remove the battery. Riding mower batteries should be removed and stored separately throughout the winter to keep it charged. Cold winter weather easily drains battery power.

Drain Gas. Drain gas out of the mower before storage. Gas should not be stored through the winter because the gas can weaken and turn gummy, clogging the motor when lawn mowing season begins the following spring.

Drain Oil. Drain the oil from the lawn mower after the gas is drained. This is an important step in order to prepare for the spring. The oil needs to be changed prior to usage anyway, draining the oil now allows the quick addition of oil in the spring.

Remove and Sharpen Blades. Remove the blades and ensure they are sharpened prior to storing the mower to prepare for the beginning of the warmer months.

Clean off Debris. All debris should be removed from the mower surface, blades and engine prior to storage.

Close the Intake and Exhaust Ports. Pull back on the cord of push mowers until there is slight resistance. This closes both ports to keep air out of the lines.

Remove Spark Plugs. Remove the spark plugs and store them separately for the following year. If they need replacement, throw the plugs away and purchase new ones.

Remove Air Filter. Remove and clean or replace the air filter after the final use of the lawn mower for the year. This is basic lawn mower care.

Check Blades for Damage. While the blades are off the mower, check to make certain there is no damage to them. If there is damage, replace the blades with new ones.

Remove the Key. Remove the key from the ignition to avoid accidental startups and store them in a safe place in the home or garage.

Switch Position. Make sure the mower switches are in the off position. The deck of riding mowers should be lifted and locked into position.

Check Belts. Check belts to make sure they are in good shape. Look for worn, cracked or torn spots. If the belts are damage, replace them immediately before storage.

Check Wiring. Double check all wiring on the lawnmower to make sure they are intact. There should be no loose or bare wires. If there are any issues with the wires, immediately take the mower to a repair shop so it will be repaired and ready for mowing come spring.

Check Tires and Wheels. Make sure the wheels on push mowers are securely tightened and that there are no holes or leaks in tires of a riding mower.

Storage. When storing the lawn mower, it should be in a dry area. The optimal place to store a lawn mower is in a shed or garage. If the mower must be stored outside, it should have a lawn mower cover placed over it to keep the elements out. A lawnmower that is left out in winter weather will take a beating. It will likely get rust on the body and the motor may suffer severe damage.

If you do not know how to perform these maintenance tasks on the lawn mower, contact a professional lawn mower repair person to have the work done. Lawn mower maintenance can be dangerous if not done right. If you do not have the right equipment to perform lawn mower maintenance safely, leave it to the experts. An expert can quickly check the lawn mower, perform basic and more involved maintenance on the mower and have it ready for you to put in storage much faster than you can. It is worth the extra cost.

Lawn mowers must be well maintained to get the longest life and best looking lawn. Every part of the lawn mower affects the engine and the effectiveness of cutting the grass. Lawn mowers should last for many years and can with proper maintenance before, during and after the late fall storage.

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  1. Thanks for the great article! I’m glad I found this so I can prepare when the fall season comes.

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