5 Gift Ideas for Garden-Lovers

Gifts boxesGardening provides an escape for many people as a form of relaxation and satisfaction; the quiet solitude of working in a garden calms people and allows their minds to wander away from the cares of the world. For those that cannot stand to be anywhere but in the garden, any gift that helps them maintain and work in the sun is always welcome. However, what if there are no good gift ideas for a coming birthday, or other special event, for that someone special? Some savvy garden enthusiasts have it all, down to all the tools and seeds possible for a perfect garden. Luckily, there are still a few gifts that can be given that will surprise and excite even the most experienced gardener.

Free Lawn Mowing

For many seasoned gardeners, working with seedlings and other plants within a garden is the happiest they will be during the day. The idea of mowing the lawn, however, is a different story. Although grass is a beautiful addition to a front or back yard, maintaining the lawn is normally not at the top of many gardeners’ lists, especially if it is difficult for the person to push the machine. Giving the gift of free lawn mowing will put a smile on their face in no time.

The friend or family member can present the gardener with a “gift certificate.” This certificate should state the free mowing gift idea and its duration, such as once a week for a month. Afterward, a time can be agreed upon for when the lawn will be mowed; the gift giver and the gardener can use this time as a way to get together socially. As the gardener works in the garden, the loved one will mow the lawn. These friends can talk during the yard maintenance or sit down afterward to rest and talk with one another. As a result, the “gift certificate” ends up being more than just a free chore offering.

Car Waxing and Lawn Mowers

For some garden novices, waxing a lawn mower with car wax seems a bit strange. However, many gardeners do pride themselves on their tools of the trade; trowels, scissors, and other garden tools are normally cleaned and put away with care. The same can be applied to the lawn mower. As a gift, a loved one can offer to wax the gardener’s lawn mower. This simple gesture will show the gardener that the loved one understands the passion he or she feels toward caring for the yard. A clean and shiny lawn mower adds to the aesthetic appeal of the gardener’s tools.

Gardening Sharpening Tool

Experienced gardeners are difficult to shop for; he or she may have every garden gadget and tool imaginable. However, maintaining those tools can require specialized implements that the gardener may not have. A gardening sharpening tool is a unique gift that is also functional on a day-to-day basis. Pruning plants, cutting weeds, and mowing the lawn all require blades; over time, these blades become dull. In fact, trying to cut with a dull blade is extremely dangerous. The lack of sharpness can cause the tool to slip and cut the gardener. In addition, a dull lawn mower blade will simply not cut the grass and waste the time of the gardener. By offering a sharpening tool as a gift, the loved one is showing their concern for the gardener’s well being and their lawn’s appearance.

Gift Certificate to Lawn Mower Parts Store

Depending on the lawn mower, parts can be expensive. For many people on a limited budget, purchasing lawn mower parts is at the bottom of their list since other necessities may overshadow this need, such as buying fertilizer. However, a savvy gift giver can offer a gift certificate for a lawn mower parts store; this gift encourages the gardener to maintain the machine without having to worry about pricing.

Gardening Magazine Subscription

New plant and soil strategies are always being cultivated in the gardening world. For many gardeners, they may not be exposed to these new processes that can easily improve their garden’s growth and fruiting. Purchasing a gardening magazine, such as The Family Handyman, will allow the gardener to read about their favorite subject, and possibly learn new procedures. Many magazine producers offer one, two, and even three year subscriptions. Find the magazine that will excite the loved one and offer it at the next special event in their lives.

Gift giving for the gardener does not need to be expensive or big. Loved ones that stay creative with their gift choices will please the most experienced gardener. In the end, giving a gardening gift shows that the gardener, as well as the garden itself, is appreciated and admired. Try one of these unique gifts for the next special event and watch the gardener’s eyes light up in delight.

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