7 Things That Make Toro Mowers A Dream Mower

Toro Lawn Mower ProfessionalFor almost 100 years, the Toro Company has been the emblem of durability, quality and easy handling. This manufacturer takes pride in designing instruments, lawn mowers and landscaping products, which help customers with their household/business tasks in a comfortable and efficient way.

The Toro lawn mowers have some unique features and qualities that set them apart from other similar products, on the market.

1. Electric key start engine – This feature of Toro mowers, allow its user to engage easily, as opposed to the ones where pulling a rope starts the engine. This 1, 2, 3 step can save a lot of time and also keeps the engine trouble-free for a long time. Toro engines run without making a lot of noise, also.
2. Zero-turn mower – “Zero-turn” actually means that the turning radius is basically zero inches. This is a top quality, that allows cutting closely around obstacles, eliminating the need to trim. Pivoting through 180 degrees, there is no way for these mowers to leave uncut grass.
3. Toro – the recycler mower – With one of the most innovative recycler lawn mowers on the market, the Toro Company meets both the economic and environmental needs, today’s society is concerned about. This recycling feature is something customers have been waiting for a long time. It allows them to mulch the cut grass from their own lawns and re-use it, as a fertilizer, to improve and make their grass more luscious.
4. Greensmaster (EnergySmart) – This fairly new lawn movers were produced in collaboration with nature. These are Lithium-Ion powered walk mowers that offer zero percent CO2 emissions, 100% efficiency and turf health enhancing, and zero percent decibels. Greensmaster TriFlex and Greensmaster eFlex are the only two products on the market, under the EnergySmart label, but Toro’s Innovation Team are working and planning new ways to ease the job and help the environment.
5. Toro lawn mower spare parts – There might come a day in the life of any lawn mower that some adjustments and fixing are required. The best thing about this is the availability of Toro parts. Spare cutting blades, engine parts, batteries, you name it, and find it anywhere from certified Toro dealers, to flea markets and specialized shops.
6. Warranty – Toro mowers have up to 5 years warranty, offering free repairs and free replacing of damaged parts. This attractive warranty is reassuring its customers of its longevity and high quality.
7. Pricing – Floating somewhere in-between the cheap side and the expensive side, the Toro lawn mowers are the best value for one’s money. Customers have various products to select from, all within high quality parameters, efficacy and competence, able to fit numerous budgets.

The aspects above are keeping the Toro Company in the first places on the top mower’s list. Here are some of the best-selling items manufactured by this company.
• Toro TimeCutter SS 50 in 22 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower – With 22 horsepower and a 3-blade mowing system, this mower will surely get the job done fast and efficiently. With a tall seat, providing good visibility, this particular lawn mower allows you to mow your lawn in a comfortable way.
• Toro – Z Master G3 – 29 HP Kawasaki – 60″ TURBO FORCE Deck – Low center of gravity, exceptional hillside performance, 3D isolation seat, thick heat treated steel blades, flat-free semi-pneumatic tires, these are few attributes that place this mower second on the list.
• Toro 3150 GreensMaster – Named the quietest mower on the market, the 3150 Greensmaster can cut as low as 1/16 inch.

Surely, words are sometimes convincing or not, but all the qualities that Toro has to offer can easily be tested with a trip to the nearest Toro dealer and a test drive on one of their amazing mowers.

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Image Source: The Toro Company

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