Billy Goat Leaf And Litter Vacuums Make Fall Cleanup A Breeze

The autumn leaves are beautiful and chromatically diverse. Everybody loves to look at them. Rather, everybody loves leaves when they are on the trees. After they fall off, they become a huge nuisance for any homeowner. A simple rake might be able to get the job done, but it takes forever. It’s also boring and tiring if you have a big yard. Why not automate your cleanup? Billy Goat manufactures and sells a variety of different equipment types for cleanup around the yard. You can find blowers, vacuums, mowers, and other equipment to make your yard work a breeze.

You may have never encountered an outdoor vacuum. Mostly, we are exposed to indoor carpet vacuums. For outdoor work, you need something a little more sturdy and high-powered. Billy Goat has many different models of outdoor vacuums that can fit your specific needs.

KV Outdoor Vacuum

Designed for rugged use, the KV outdoor vacuum can handle suction of all types of debris. This can include objects as small as cigarette butts or grass clippings, and it can even pick up larger pieces of litter like cans or pine cones. The KV Outdoor Vacuum can be acquired with a zipperless debris bag to make unloading simple. The bag can hold a maximum capacity of 40 gallons. You can replace the mesh material of the bag with felt for added strength. The KV Outdoor Vacuum can also be equipped with a hose system for better access under trees, hedges and hard to reach areas.

Billy Goat offers five models of the KV Outdoor Vacuum outfitted with either a Briggs or Honda engine. The push-model features either a Briggs (KV600) or Honda (KV600H) engine. The self-propelled models also feature either a Briggs (KV600SP) or Honda (KV600SPH) engine. The last model, TKV650SPH, is self-propelled and has a wood chipper attachment to help in the disposal of larger materials. The weight of the vacuums ranges from 113 to 141 pounds.

The KV Outdoor Vacuum will be ideal for the residential user who has some simple yard work to complete. It comes with a standard one-year manufacturer warranty. The engine comes with either a two-year residential use warranty or a one-year commercial use warranty.

MV Multi-Vacuum

Rugged and low-weight, the MV Multi-Vacuum can handle harder surfaces, like a workshop or cement fixture. It’s designed to handle any cleanup job. The MV Multi-Vacuum is best suited for larger jobs when compared to the KV Outdoor model. This makes it more appropriate for a professional setting where large areas are need to be covered.

The MV Multi-Vacuum weighs in at 162 to 208 pounds. It can be fitted with hoses and disposable bags for easy removal and disposal of litter. The 29-inch gobbler door allows for quick switching between different types of surface.

The MV Multi-Vacuum is available in three different models. The push model comes with a Honda engine (MV650H), and the two self-propelled models come with either a Honda (MV650SPH) or Briggs (MV600SPE) engine. The Briggs engine model comes with an optional electric start that makes turning the vacuum on a snap. The MV Multi-Vacuum also comes with a two year warranty for either residential or commercial use.

VQ Wide Area Lawn Vacuum

Quiet, wide, and powerful are words that describe the VQ Wide Area Lawn Vacuum. While big, the VQ can be attached to an optional chariot that allows you to simply enjoy the ride. It has the widest nozzle of the Billy Goat Vacuum product line. This allows it to perform with superior speed compared to other vacuums. The VQ can also handle the largest objects – up to the size of one-liter bottles. It has a large 10 liter capacity and a drive system to speed up your cleanup projects. The VQ also features a steel cutting device that shreds debris before depositing it into the bag. These characteristics ensure that you won’t be making too many trips to dump the bag before finishing.

The VQ comes with the largest available nozzle for the greatest coverage in industrial settings. The debris bag has a greater than 90 gallon capacity for longer use. Curb rollers give the VQ the greatest mobility among Billy Goat’s lineup of vacuums. It also carries the most powerful 250cc engines from Briggs or Honda. Despite this power, it can maintain a low noise level of 77 decibels during operation.

The VQ Wide Area Lawn Vacuum can be found in four models. You can find Briggs (QV550) or Honda (QV550H) engines in the push model, or you can buy a self-propelled vacuum with either a 160cc (QV550HSP) or 270cc (QV900HSP) Honda engine. The VQ Vacuum can be fitted with many accessories like a parking brake, a dust filtering skirt, and a dust-reducing sock.

As you can see, Billy Goat offers a variety of vacuums suited for different tasks. Billy Goat machines can be found at any authorized Billy Goat dealer. Contact your local dealer for information on pricing and availability of the model that you want.

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