Bob-Cat CRZ Mower Review

Bob Cat Zero TurnCommercial landscapers have a few key requirements when purchasing a new mower for their needs: It absolutely must be comfortable, it should be efficient, and the mower should come with a commitment to getting the job done quicker than competing options. These three considerations are handled perfectly by Bob-Cat with its CRZ mower. This model was specifically designed to be a compact, commercial option, with commercial-grade power that lets it get the job done professionally, quickly, and with minimal fatigue after hours of continuous work. The mower is designed for easy maintenance as well, and will help commercial landscapers boost productivity and lower their stress levels when it comes to maintenance or unnecessary repairs.

Top Features of the Bob-Cat CRZ Riding Mower

Bob-Cat advertises its CRZ riding mower as a “more civilized beast,” and that branding is perhaps the most accurate of any major manufacturer in this space. For all of its raw power, the “beastly” side of the CRZ riding mower is refined by its more civilized comforts for operators. Special materials in the mower’s seats, and special materials that surround the engine, keep vibrations away from the operator’s body. Instead, the noise and vibrations from the engine are kept primarily under the hood. This means that even longer mowing jobs won’t result in pain, soreness, stiffness, or repetitive stress injuries. That’s a top concern among today’s professionals, and Bob-Cat’s innovations are welcome.

Another adjustment made primarily for operator comfort is the addition of adjustable control bars. All too often, riding mowers feature a static control bar that cannot be adjusted in position or in height, making things awkward or painful for family members that are taller or shorter than what the company perceives as average. With the CRZ, adjustment prior to mowing is easy and comfort for the duration of the job is assured. Comfort also comes in a more theoretical sense form the company’s reduced maintenance requirements.

The CRZ features an open frame design that places all filters and other key parts near the outside of the mower. This makes access to key mower parts, from the fuel filter to the spark plug and the engine, easily accessible, reducing the time it takes to keep the equipment in top condition. The mower also uses a series of standard Bob-Cat parts that are standard across virtually all riding mowers sold by the company. This makes parts easier to find, and it actually reduces the cost of replacement parts since there is far greater scale during production.

The mower’s TurfDeck cutting deck comes with a double-wave baffle system that will produce professional results every time. The system precisely cuts each blade of grass to a uniform height, and then uses the double-wave technique to make sure that each blade of grass stands straight and looks uniform en masse.

Under the Hood: Specs that Power this Mower Through Every Task

All of the great features for comfort, professional aesthetics, and lower maintenance, would not be possible without a similar commitment to top-quality hardware from leading manufacturers. Every CRZ mower comes with a Kawasaki engine for this very reason. Buyers can choose from one of three different Kawasaki engines based on their power, performance, and displacement needs, but each of these engines is within the same family and uses the same parts. It’s this thoughtfulness that ensures ease of maintenance even when the engine isn’t a specific Bob-Cat implement.

All three CRZ mower models come with three blades, extending outward to cut paths of 48, 52, or 61 inches. The mower uses this three-blade setup as part of its double-wave system for the best aesthetic results after mowing. In addition to wide decks and powerful engines, all three CRZ mowers come with a top-notch transmission capable of driving the equipment forward at up to 7 miles per hour. This aids productivity in a big way.

Accessories or Better Comfort and Mower Extensibility

One of the most popular available accessories is the mulch baffle kit, which turns the mower into a mulcher when collecting clippings isn’t in the cards. The mower also can be paired with a series of other accessories, like an improved seat suspension system, an ECO plate, and an improved poly clipping bag if desired.

Get Great Bob-Cat Mowers and OEM Replacement Parts at Ralph Helm, Inc.

Bob-Cat is one of the leading names in commercial mowing, thanks to it’s large mower deck sizes and durable materials. The company is also widely appreciated for its commitment to operator comfort and lower fatigue levels during extended mowing. To ensure the mower can continue to operate properly, be sure to visit, where an online parts lookup tool can find all the parts needed for regular maintenance. The tool sorts parts by model, engine, and part number for maximum compatibility across the board.

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