BOB-CAT® Mower Accessories To Jumpstart Your Summer Projects

As we all know, summer is the peak time for mowing. You can keep up with the grass and do the job faster and better with the right accessories for your BOB-CAT® Zero Turn professional mower or your BOB-CAT® Walk-Behind Mower. 

Mulch for Summer Gardening

The first place you’ll want to start ramping up for summer mowing is with a husky and efficient way to mulch. You can get down to full-time grass and leaf mulching with the BOB-CAT® Mulch Baffle Kit for the BOB-CAT® Zero-Turn and Walk-Behind Mower (Classic Pro and Hydro). The kit includes Eliminator mulching blades and requires some tools for assembling.

If you want something that will practically snap on, you’ll be interested in the ECO plate. There is a plate for both the Zero-Turn and Walk-Behind Mowers (Classic Pro and Hydro). This plate is for side discharge mowers only and offers a simple way to mulch. It attaches without tools in a matter of seconds and is excellent for debris control around landscape beds, sidewalks and roads.

Powerful BOB-CAT® Collection Systems

Everybody who mows knows that efficient collecting can be the key to a good or bad day. These BOB-CAT® collection systems are a must-have any time of year, and if you don’t have one this summer, you’ll be wishing you did. You can put the most powerful blower in the industry to work for you collecting even the most stubborn grasses and covers with the BOB-CAT® Zero-Turn Collection Systems. The Boss Vac Pro Collection System gives you three hefty bags with 12 bu. capacity and optional dump-from-seat capability. Its low lying bags give great rear visibility and great stability.

A little smaller in size is the Boss Vac Collection System which offers two hefty bags to collect grass and leaves. It has the same low profile bags and great rear visibility and stability as the Boss Vac Pro. For those who just want a standard collection bag, BOB-CAT® makes the GC Poly Dump which comes in 3.75 and 5.0 bushel models to give you a sturdy, low profile bag for collecting leaves and cover.

Collection systems for the BOB-CAT® Walk-Behind mowers start with the Jumbo Grass Catcher with Metal Easy Dump with 4.3 cubic foot capacity. This grass catcher is great because it won’t buckle on you when it is fully loaded. The metal easy flip open lid allows for quick and easy dumping. There are sizes to fit both Classic Pro and Hydro Pro models. There is also a GC Poly Dump for the Walk-Behind in 3.75 and 5.0 bushel capacities.

Safety and Comfort on Your BOB-CAT® Zero-Turn

Now the last thing you’re probably thinking about is something as impractical as your mower seat. But after a day out there mowing, that literal pain in the rear becomes a practical matter. You might want to think about the BOB-CAT® Zero-RZ Seat Suspension Insert. When you’re mowing more, it’s all about comfort.

Try the RZ Seat Suspension Insert with weight adjustable mechanical suspension for a more comfortable ride. You can also protect yourself from accidents with the BOB-CAT® Zero-Turn Two-Post Folding Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) which offers two-post shielding and a seat belt. Another safety feature is the 61” Wide Track Kit for the BOB-CAT® Zero-Turn models. This will widen the wheel stance on 61″ units for better traction and stability to lower the chances of roll overs.

That Little Bit of Extra

A real handy thing to have is the BOB-CAT® Magnetic Light Kit. This is great for when you want to avoid the summer heat and mow a bit later in the day. When dusk comes, this handy quartz light will attach magnetically to your mower to allow you to see where you’re headed.

For BOB-CAT® Zero-Turn owners who might be going over a bit of rough terrain, there are Knobby Tires. These ATV-type tires are handy when you may need more traction, like ditches, muddy areas or roadsides. These knobby tires fit all size production rims.

You can turn your BOB-CAT®T Zero-Turn into a tow vehicle with the ZT Hitch Kit. It mounts to rear of mower and uses light tongue weight to tow.

And last, but not least to give the touch of perfection to your mows, you might want to try the Striping Kit which will help you give a beautiful, striped look to your lawn.

You can find these accessories and more at your authorized BOB-CAT® dealer. Move your way into summer. The grass will never know what hit it.

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