BOB-CAT® Mower Parts That You Need To Maintain

BOB-CAT® commercial lawn mowers are the paragon of excellence when it comes to maintaining a grassy landscape. The excellence behind the masterful pieces of machinery is accented by the simpleness that is the BOB-CAT® mode of operation. The efficient and affordable lawn mowers are a joy to ride and make manicuring lawns a breeze. There are some key parts within the BOB-CAT® lawn mower which must be maintained as part of a routine schedule in order to extend the lifetime of the mower as long as possible. With a little proactive upkeep it is possible to own a BOB-CAT® for many years to come.

The mower spindle is an important piece of a well maintained BOB-CAT® mower. The spindles are generally sealed and incorporated into an assembly with related bearings and bushings. Two to three years of hard commercial use can be expected on a BOB-CAT spindle assembly before there is a need to replace that part. The spindle should be visually checked to insure that it has not worn or encountered an accident. Check your owner’s manual for proper lubrication specs, in case your bushings and bearings need grease. Keep in mind though, that too much or too little grease can also be a problem for most seals.

Pulleys are another important part of any lawnmower and they are vitally integral to the operation of a BOB-CAT® commercial machine. The pulleys on the BOB-CAT® mower are an often overlooked maintenance item. These pulleys can operate various systems such as the transmission. They might also be part of the turning and steering assembly depending on the model of mower that is being worked on. Both Transmission pulleys and accessory pulleys can break or otherwise become less than ideally functional.  They are pretty straightforward to replace and can be purchased from your local outdoor power equipment dealer.

At least a couple of times per growing season the lawn mower blades should be removed and sharpened. This sharpening will go a long ways towards maintaining a clean grass cut and keeping the clippings to a minimal size. Dull blades cause the assembly to work harder with less than desirable results. As with worn belts, dull blades can lead to more expensive damage if left unattended. Ripping the grass instead of cutting it can lead to damaged plants and patches in the lawn. One definitely wants to be clipping the grass at the right level and cleanly in order to preserve a good lawn.

Mower belts are probably the most expendable of all parts, and this holds true for BOB-CAT mower belts as well. The heart of the machine which connects the energy output to the blades and keeps things running. A loose belt can cause play in the spindle assembly. For that reason, it is important to keep it tight and insure that the belt is replaced at regular intervals. At the very least, the lawn mower will be less consistent with a faulty belt, and at the worst it could cause more expensive damage.

Air filters and oil filters are another regular maintenance item on BOB-CAT® commercial mowers, which keep the internal parts clean while lubricating and cooling the mower’s engine. They should be maintained at regular intervals as outlined in the owner’s manual. The replacement filter should be a proper match in regards to the micron size and filtering capacity. Oil needs to be replaced in the proper quantity after the used oil is drained. Be sure to perform regular oil changes to keep the engine running efficiently.

Regular checkups by a trained technician should also be done regularly. A little bit of proactive maintenance goes a long way in ensuring that your BOB-CAT® mower stays in the fleet for a long time to come.

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