Bob-Cat Predator-Pro Mower Review

The Bob-Cat Predator-Pro is a lawn mower designed to be used by anyone who wants a commercial-grade cut for their lawn job. It can tackle the toughest terrain with ease, and has extra perks for the operator too. Designed by the people who develop mower products for the golf industry and the like, the Bob-Cat Predator-Pro mower can give you that fine finish without cramping your style — or your leg room. This mower is designed to enable everyone to get “that look” on their own lawn, normally associated with commercial lawn cuts.

Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of the Bob-Cat Predator-Pro are too numerous to detail in their entirety. Some of the most popular features, gleaned from lawn mowing public, are given here:

1. Precision Cuts and Turns
Everyone wants to be able to get access to the corners around a structure. When there are odd or loose pieces of grass sticking up at the end of your mowing day, it is very frustrating. The precision cutting mechanism on this Bob-Cat mower keeps a clean and professional appearance. To make it as easy as possible, the controls and the cutting range settings are designed to give you the best quality of finishing cut possible.

2. Comfort System Details
The comfort system of the Bob-Cat Predator-Pro is comprised of three important parts:

• Reduction of Driver Fatigue — The ergonomic seating comes with adjustable armrests and strategically placed control settings to minimize the amount of awkward movements required from the operator. Controls are at your fingertips for height selection as well. A smooth ride is a huge part of fatigue reduction, and you get the sense of intuitive and gentle responsiveness by the Bob-Cat Predator-Pro’s innovative 4-position hydraulic dampeners.

• Vibration Reduction — The special fabric used in the seat’s suspension helps to reduce the impact of vibrations on the human body. It also serves as a shock absorber, making long periods of lawn cutting more comfortable. This technology also prevents numbness in the legs from developing due to long exposure to vibrations.

• Comfortable Support — The levers are designed to allow for as much legroom as possible. The Custom Operator Zone feature is all about the driver. Everything that can be done to maximize human comfort can be found on this model, including Bob-Cat’s trademark ISO-Ride for a superior experience of the lawn mower ride.

3. Discharge Design and Lawn Finishing
The deck opening is positioned and sized to give you a wide and evenly dispersed clippings and debris. The blades are also positioned specifically to prevent any damage to the lawn during the cut. There is no fear of leaving the kinds of hideous scars left by so many other mowers, because the adjustable anti-scalp rollers of the mower prevents this from ever happening. The discharge chute is made from a resilient molded rubber and can disperse the clippings in a way that gives a professional appearance every time.

4. Low-Maintenance Engine Design
The engine design of the Bob-Cat Predator-Pro Mower is organized to make the best use of the available room. Every lawn mowing veteran knows how important accessible engine parts are to their ability to perform basic maintenance. This mower is designed to make the most intelligent use of compartment space, enabling easy access to important components such as belts, reservoirs, filters and the mower deck.

The control panel is mounted with a meter that tracks the hours of use that have been put on the engine. This feature is combined with a handy and convenient service reminder for the oils, hydraulic and engine, as well as the various filters.

How Does the Bob-Cat Predator-Pro Compare to Others?

This Bob-Cat mower, along with all of the other attractive features mentioned, offers a lifetime warranty on all of the deck parts, a choice warranty and a full 2-year limited commercial warranty.

Aside from all the technological jargon that lawnmower literature is famous for; the Bob-Cat really has one superb feature that puts it a cut above the rest: ergonomics. Designed with an intricate awareness of the bio-mechanics involved in human comfort, the Bobcat Mower really provides the kind comfort that is usually associated with one’s favorite recliner chair.

With a keen insight in how the human body is stressed over long periods of sitting, the Bob-Cat Mower does an excellent job of supporting human dimensions within the limited confines of a mowing chair. The vibration reduction feature alone would be cause for applause, but add to that the generous leg room, the shock absorption, and the driver’s positioning for maximum balance and you have a winning combination indeed.

Other mowers may try to compete in many ways, but the ride of the year goes to Bob-Cat as a consumer favorite for extreme design comfort.

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