Bob-Cat XRZ – Professional Grade Mower

Bob CAT XRZCommercial mowing benefits when operators are free from maintenance concerns, able to mow without massive fatigue, and in the comfort of a well-designed seat for hours at a time. That’s why Bob-Cat has devoted so much of its product development cycle to easier maintenance and superior comfort. With innovative materials and unique designs, the company has overcome most of the hurdles that previously exposed commercial equipment users to fatigue, repetitive stress, and even low-grade injuries. As a result, the XRZ mower from the company is just one of the many superior options on the market for those who handle expansive outdoor areas for athletic teams, schools, large businesses, universities, and more.

All the Right Features for Professional Mowing and Minimal Stress

The Bob-Cat XRZ riding mower has been designed from top to bottom as a superior product for commercial operators, with features that increase its horsepower, provide astounding consistency for turf of all kinds, and reduce the stress placed on an equipment operator if they opt to use the mower for an extended period of time. The XRZ starts by improving operator comfort. Improvements are provided via a more comfortable seat with vibration-reducing materials, a more comfortable suspension, a softer touch, and arm rests that provide hours-long comfort when needed. The seat is paired with adjustable power levers, which can accommodate operators of virtually any height and size. That’s a pretty rare feature on commercial mowers from other companies.

Comfort is not the only place where innovation happens on the XRZ mower. Operators will also find that their routine maintenance concerns are easily handled no matter how urgent. The XRZ features a unique, open-frame design that was pioneered by Bob-Cat some time ago. Instead of placing all of the mower’s filters and key parts underneath several panels and closer to the center of the equipment, this design places key filters, panels, and compartments, closer to the outside edge. This allows operators to easily access parts for cleaning, replacement, pre-mowing status checks, and more. It reduces time-consuming disassembly processes that take several pages to explain in the competition’s documentation.

Mowing quality is also improved when opting for the Bob-Cat XRZ over competing commercial mowers. the TurfDeck system was designed by the company so that the mower could offer a more consistent, complete cut across the lawn without tearing grass or damaging individual blades. The deck is inclusive of double-wave baffle technology, which first cuts the grass and then sweeps back over the trimmed blades to stand them up tall. This results in a lawn that looks fuller and more alive, and it’s the key to producing professional results on behalf of today’s clients.

The Specs Don’t Lie: A Truly Impressive Commercial Mowing Machine

Bob-Cat’s XRZ riding mower doesn’t compromise power in any area, but still ends up being more efficient than many mowers of the same size produced during earlier generations. The XRZ comes standard with a Kawasaki engine from that company’s respected FR series, allowing each engine to offer maximum horsepower while reducing overall fuel intake. Combined with a 6-gallon fuel tank, this engine is the key to making sure that the mower can operate without interruption even while handling large athletic fields or expansive, open spaces. The engine is pared with an XRZ drive system, which is also part of the Kawasaki FR series of engines and components. The system allows the mower to drive forward at up to 8 miles per hour, making it faster than the midrange CRZ and other competitive mowers on the market.

The Bob-Cat XRZ lineup comes in one of three models, and these models dictate engine model, deck size, and transmission type. The deck size of all three mowers is more than sufficient for commercial work, though differing options will appeal to different kinds of landscapers. At the entry-level, the XRZ comes with a 48-inch deck that can clear moderately sized outdoor areas in no time. For even more wide-ranging work, or quicker mowing in smaller spaces, the company offers its 52-inch and 61-inch mowers as sound alternatives.

Accessories Make the Mower Even More Useful

Bob-Cat’s accessories extend the XRZ mower and make it even more useful in a variety of commercial settings. The most popular options on the market include the company’s mulcher attachment, its athletic-style striping kit, and a magnetic light for illuminating dark areas as the sun begins to set. Consumers can also find an ECO plate and a poly bag for gathering clippings and other debris while mowing.

Get Bob-Cat Parts and Mowers at Ralph Helm, Inc.

The great thing about Bob-Cat commercial mowers is that they almost always use a uniform set of parts. This makes finding replacements a bit easier than competing models, but it still means that equipment owners should visit an authorized dealer when searching for the part they most need. makes it easy to find the best parts for any Bob-Cat repair job, with an online lookup tool that filters available replacements by engine type, model number, and part number, so that a compatible part is always just a few clicks away.

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