Checklist for Buying New Lawn for Your Backyard

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A yard can make or break the curb appeal of a home. If you have dead, dry grass, the home most likely does not look attractive. A lush, green yard though can make even an ugly home look better. When the time comes to do something about the less than perfect yard, many people choose to turn to sod. Although this option is more expensive than planting a yard with seed, your home and landscape can be transformed in as little as a day. This is the perfect choice for someone looking to sell the home or just improve the appearance in a very short period of time. What factors do you need to consider when installing sod for this purpose?

*Start by measuring the area you would like to sod. The easiest way to do this is to break the yard down into basic shapes as most yards are not squares or rectangles. Once the yard is broken down into these small areas, measure each area to determine the square footage. For squares, you will measure height times length. To determine the square footage of triangular areas, multiply the length by the width and divide this number in two. Circles are slightly more difficult. If you know the radius of the circle, multiply the radius by itself and then multiply the resulting number by 3.14. If only the diameter of the circle is known, divide the diameter by two and follow the directions for determining the square foot using the radius. Once you have the square footage of each basic area, add the numbers together to determine the square footage of the yard.

*When you have the square footage you will need to sod your yard, you must next determine how much you would like to spend. Having a budget makes it easier to choose between the various brands available. Having an amount in mind helps when you go to purchase your sod. This ensures you won’t spend a great deal more than you planned to.

*Determine which variety you wish to buy. Each variety of sod has its own characteristics that should be considered. Be sure to look at the features and the price per square meter so you can make sure you remain within the budget you have already set.

1. Bermuda-Dense, green sod which grows well in hot, sunny areas. This sold does poorly in shade, but is
great for high traffic areas. You will commonly find this type in southern states.
2. Kentucky Bluegrass-Great for northern climates, this sod is characterized by its lush, dark green color.
This grass requires careful water to maintain the beautiful color.
3. Centipede-This sod requires very little maintenance making it the perfect choice for moist, hot or dry
climates. Weeds have a difficult time invading this sod which grows slowly, but spreads aggressively.
4. Tall Fescue-Resistant to drought, this type of sod is lighter in color than Kentucky bluegrass. It does well
in high traffic areas and may be combined with Kentucky bluegrass for more adaptability.

*The cost of sod varies by a number of factors. The brand you choose will play a role as will the quantity purchased. Expect to pay between eight and 30 cents a square foot if you will be installing the sod yourself. If you wish to have professionals come in and do the work, you will likely pay between 14 and 60 cents a square foot. The makeup of your yard also plays a role. Large, flat areas often cost less than hilly, irregular yards.

*Check with local nurseries and sod farms to see if they carry the brand you have chosen. If you have a smaller area to be sodded, a nursery will likely be able to accommodate your request. If you will be doing a large area, it is best to go with a sod farm. Not only will they be able to handle the quantity you need with ease, their prices may be lower when you purchase larger amounts. Factor in the cost to drive to the location where you will be purchasing this sod. This is not of as much importance if you are buying locally, but you may find that you have to drive a great distance to get the sod you want in the quantities you need. This can raise your price considerably.

The size you are wishing to sod can be large or small. Either way, you are sure to find something that meets your needs exactly. Remember that you do get what you pay for so choose carefully. You don’t want to go with a discount brand to save money during the installation process only to find it costs your more to maintain it and keep it looking good over the long run!

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