Choosing A SnowBlower

Intense winter conditions produce their own unique list of chores. These chores can be made easier with great power equipment specifically designed for winter chores. One of the most important tools for handling tough winter jobs is a good quality snow blower. In recent years, due to intense winter conditions, many retailers have sold out of snow blowers right at the peak of need. Purchasing a snow blower earlier in the season can help you to avoid this problem and make sure that you are well prepared for tough winter conditions.

Choosing your snow blower or any type of power equipment is going to be based on your particular needs. There are several different types of snow blowers which can vary on power and size. For small jobs, many homeowners choose electric snow shovels. However, if your area experiences heavy snowfall or you have a greater area which needs to be cleared during winter months, a heavy duty snow blower may be the power equipment choice for you.

2015 Toro Consumer Power Max HD 928 OE (38660)

2015 Toro Consumer Power Max® HD 928 OE (38660)

This heavy duty snow blower has an OHV 4-cycle engine which gives dependable power in order to make all of your winter jobs easier. This blower has a 28-inch swath and a 21-inch cutting depth which can plow through even very deep snow clearing at up to 2000 pounds of snow per minute.

This product also features Quick Stick control. This feature helps you quickly and easily change chute direction or deflector with one motion. One hand operation levels help with single handed operation so that your other hand is free to change speeds or the chute control without stopping.

Toro Consumer Power Max HD 926 OXE (38664)

2015 Toro Consumer Power Max® HD 926 OXE (38664)


This product offers many of the same great features as the Torro Power Max Hd 928 but with the added bonus of an Anti-clogging system as well. This break through technology meters out snow intake in order to cut down on clogging and maximize clearing efficiency.

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