Classen Power Rakes Review

Autumn is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to dethatch your lawn! Thatch consists of the gritty organic matter that builds up around your shoots of grass. It includes dead grass, stems, rhizomes, overcrowded roots and lateral weed growth. In other words, it’s all the yellow-brown gunk that’s not supposed to be on your lawn. 

You can try to use a normal rake to remove the thatch, but this is often a laborious process. Thatch doesn’t always stick to the tines on a rake. If you have a large lawn or if you want to make sure it looks pro-perfect, consider using a Classen power rake instead. A power rake is like a power lawn mower, except it has different mechanisms underneath. When it comes to power rakes, a Classen Turf Rake is an excellent choice.

There are three different classes of Classen Turf Rakes: Standard, Catcher Bag and Self-Propelled. Depending on your needs, dethatching style and price range, you may want to choose any of these three. They are all high-quality machines, and all will easily dethatch your lawn. Read on to learn more about the three types of Classen power rake.

Standard Turf Rake (with Flail Blades or Spring Tines)

The standard rake is good for people who know how to use a standard lawn mower and would like the same experience while dethatching their lawns. The standard rake is 20″ wide with 28 flail blades. The blades scarify the surface of the lawn, pulling up any thatch stuck in the earth. Once you’ve covered your entire lawn with your turf rake, you can take a normal rake and easily put the thatch in a bag for compost or garbage.

You may also choose to purchase the turf rake with the Spring Tines attachment. Spring tines are not as effective at heavy dethatching work, but they tend to leave the lawn looking nicer after your thatching job. If you don’t have a serious thatch problem, consider the standard rake with spring tines; otherwise, choose the flail blades.

The standard Classen turf rake comes with a folding handle for easy portability, a five-position height adjuster and heavy duty, greasable bearings. It can be easily converted to a Catcher Bag rake, turf seeder or vertical cutter if you have the right equipment. You can purchase these attachments separately from Classen. The standard turf rake also comes with a two-year warranty.

Catcher Bag Turf Rake

The Catcher Bag Classen turf rake is virtually identical to the standard turf rake, except it comes with an 8 cubic-foot catcher bag attachment. Depending on your raking style, this might be a good choice for you. The flail blades pull the thatch up, and instead of being tossed to the side, the thatch is blown into the catcher bag. This saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent raking, and it is a good idea for large lawns that need a lot of care.

The catcher bag comes with a detachable metal frame to help carry its weight. This increases the overall footprint of the power rake, but the catcher bag rake also comes with a longer handle so you can still easily maneuver it about your lawn. It can also be used as a standard turf rake if you would rather not worry about the catcher bag.

Like the standard rake, the Catcher Bag turf rake comes with a folding handle, five-position height adjuster and greasable bearings. Also, like the standard rake, the Catcher Bag rake comes with a full 2-year warranty. It can be converted into a turf seeder or a vertical cutter as well.

Self-Propelled Turf Rake

The “power” power rake, this model is self-propelled. Perfect for dethatching hilly or large lawns, the self-propelled rake can operate both in forward and in reverse, attaining speeds of up to 3.4 miles per hour. In every other respect, it is just like a standard Classen power rake. It has the 20″ row thatcher hardware, a standard set of flail blades and a foldable handle for easy transportation.

However, transportation is even more of a snap with the Self-Propelled turf rake! If you’re using this as part of a job where you have to regularly move it in and out of a truck, the self-propulsion feature makes it easy to get up and down ramps. This is the turf rake of choice for professional landscapers. Why work harder than you have to?

The turf rake can be converted into a vertical cutter or turf seeder just like the other two models, but unlike the other two, it can’t attach a catcher bag as easily. This is unfortunate, but the self-propulsion hardware gets in the way of where the catcher bag hardware would fit. Like the other two models, the Self-Propelled rake has a standard two-year warranty, greasable bearings and a five-position height adjuster.

Ultimately, all three Classen power rakes are great buys. It is up to you to decide which you like best. Good luck, and happy dethatching!

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  1. Nelson Mac Cormack says:

    Hi, are any of your power rakes effective for taking gravel off a lawn. The gravel is left in the spring after the snow melts. Thank You!! ” Enjoy Your Day ”

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