Creating a Budget for Your Landscaping Projects

Undertaking a landscaping project for your yard can result in a wonderful addition to your home, but the cost can get extremely expensive if you’re not careful. With the right planning, however, you can create the beautiful exterior you want without breaking the bank.

Take Stock

Decide what you would like to have and what has already been done. Walk outside and inspect the landscape. Are there some plants that can be distributed to another area of the land or other items that can be repurposed? Old stones can be used for a new walkway or adornment.

Now consider what work you can do yourself. You might be able to remove weeds, mow the grass or replace your garden flowers. A professional should handle the larger projects. Removing damaged trees that need to be cut down may need the help of a Bear Cat Wood Chipper.

Consult a Professional

Once you have a list of ideas for your yard, contact a professional landscaper. Make sure to include the cost of installing patios, decks, water features, tree removal, irrigation, lighting, project designs and wood structures, such as fences, pergolas and gazebos, for your estimated work budget. Don’t forget to ask about maintenance costs, such as, “Will this be included in the initial price?” or “If there are drainage issues, how will the price change?”

Calculate the Cost

After making a list of items you want to have included in your landscaping project and contacting a professional, create a budget. This budget should consist of the total cost of materials and other expenses. Leave some wiggle room for incidentals and unforeseen costs. Spend the most on what you really want and will benefit from. An outdoor kitchen or living room would be a beautiful addition to any home, but if you’re not going to get much use out of it it’s best to focus on other projects for now.

Ralph Helm, Inc. has materials and equipment that you will need for your landscaping project. Visit our website and talk with a professional to budget in everything to complete your landscape at the right price.

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