Cub Cadet HB59L Cordless Handheld Blower

Cub Cadet Cordless BlowerFor decades, Cub Cadet has been known as one of the leading companies when it came time to purchase lawn mowers, weed trimmers, leaf blowers, and a wide variety of other equipment options designed for great home landscaping. The company earned that reputation not only because its equipment was among the most durable and the most powerful, but also because every item it sold to consumers was extensively researched and designed to provide a bit of innovation to the marketplace. That’s certainly true with its lineup of brand new, lithium-ion home landscaping equipment options available to today’s consumers. Instead of relying on age-old technologies, like gas-powered cordless trimmers or cord-powered electric models, Cub Cadet has split the difference and developed a line of products that provides true, eco-friendly convenience.

Cub Cadet’s HB59L leaf blower is part of this impressive lineup. The equipment is designed to take advantage of a highly powerful lithium-ion battery that not only allows cordless operation, but also gives homeowners a way to reduce the equipment’s noise level, eliminate fumes, and simply get the job done with less of a hassle.

Cub Cadet’s New Battery: How Lithium-Ion Architecture is Changing Home Landscaping

Cub Cadet has been working for years to make sure that its products are a bit more eco-friendly and certainly more customer-friendly. With its HB59L leaf blower, it may have finally found a winning combination for mobile landscaping and consumer peace of mind. Unlike other models sold by Cub Cadet and its competitors, the HB59L comes ready to take advantage of industry-leading lithium-ion technology. Cub Cadet’s in-house development of a lithium-ion battery is described by the company as a “long use” power source. This allows the leaf blower to function for hours at a time on a single charge, giving it great range and allow customers to cut the cord rather easily and effectively.

Despite the longer nature of the battery’s included power, homeowners still get the benefit of a quick charging process. The 20-volt battery can be fully recharged from empty in about four and a half hours, according to Cub Cadet. For the record, that’s a much quicker charging process than Apple’s iPad or any number of smartphones already in use by today’s mobile data customers.

Convenience and Thoughtful Design Characterize Charging and Battery Use

In addition to its “long use” 20-volt battery, Cub Cadet has normalized its charging equipment across all of its lithium-ion landscaping equipment options. A universal charger can be used to charge the HB59L leaf blower as well as Cub Cadet’s battery-powered trimmers, saws, and more. Though the charger is not included with the HB59L leaf blower, the company does include it in the package with its trimmer option. Furthermore, a nationwide network of authorized retailers can provide the charger as a standalone item.

Another standalone item that just makes sense for Cub Cadet HB59L buyers is the standalone battery, sold separately for all but the company’s trimmer. Because the battery can easily be removed or replaced at any time, buying extra batteries allows homeowners to enjoy a longer charge and it allows them to have a fully powered backup on hand in case they drain the leaf blower of its power during a single outing.

Plenty of Power: The HB59L Doesn’t Sacrifice Leaf Blower Performance for Convenience

All too often, Cub Cadet’s competitors have offered greener or more convenient products at the expense of power or performance. That is certainly not the case with the company’s HB59L leaf blower. The equipment can leverage its built-in motor and lithium-ion architecture to produce up to 100 miles per hour of blowing speed in ideal conditions. This robust amount of force allows the job to be finished more quickly, and it means homeowners won’t have to walk as far from the home to complete the same leaf blowing task that they used to do with a fuel-powered model.

Like many of its competitors, the HB59L leaf blower sold by Cub Cadet is a variable speed model. Homeowners can choose from two distinct speeds when operating the equipment, which is perfect for both smaller and larger lawns as well as areas where noise levels might represent a real concern. An included lever allows the leaf blower’s speed to be set or adjusted readily during operation, which is a nice touch for today’s homeowners.

For New HB59L Leaf Blowers and OEM Parts, Visit Ralph Helm Inc.

With decades of experience in selling power equipment and replacement parts, Ralph Helm Inc. represents one of homeowners’ best options for new leaf blowers, OEM replacement parts, and all the materials they need for regular maintenance throughout the year. Best of all, Ralph Helm Inc. enjoys its status as an authorized Cub Cadet retailer and can help with any number of maintenance or repair concerns that buyers might have.

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    I need blower fan parts for my cub cadet hb59l blower where can I find them?

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