Cub Cadet HT59L Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Cub Cadet HT59LIn the past, suppliers of power equipment have typically offered battery-powered portable equipment options based on nickel-cadmium battery technology. Though technically convenient, these batteries were derided by both consumers and industry experts for holding a relatively small charge and reducing the amount of time that the equipment could be used around the home. Products based on this battery technology continue to be offered, but they’re not the most popular options on the market. Many consumers simply opt for a plug-in electric model or a portable, gasoline-powered piece of equipment instead.

Cub Cadet is trying to change that behavior with what it has termed a “smarter” battery technology. The company has been working for quite some time to bring lithium-ion battery architecture to its landscaping products, and its lineup of trimmers and saws with this technology is its first effort at increasing convenience, range, and the amount of time that a battery can hold a charge.

With its HT59L cordless hedge trimmer, Cub Cadet is looking to win back the confidence of its consumers in terms of battery-powered landscaping equipment. Given the benefits of the lithium-ion technology behind the scenes, it just might accomplish that goal.

Smarter Battery Technology Provides More Power and Lasts Significantly Longer

Nickel-cadmium batteries were never viewed as the ideal technology to use when powering mobile landscaping equipment, but they were good enough for those consumers with smaller yards and fewer demands. Over time, however, they’ve shown their age. The technology simply hasn’t kept pace with other industry developments. That helps to explain why Cub Cadet made the switch to lithium-ion but that explanation can be even better when backed up by some numbers:

– The lithium ion battery in the HT59L cordless hedge trimmer lasts as much as three times longer than a nickel-cadmium battery of the same size on other equipment options.

– The battery’s 20-volt capacity is among the largest on the market, and certainly quite a bit larger than the capacity of nickel-based batteries used by other manufacturers.

– Despite its long period of usage and its overall greater range, the lithium-ion battery in the HT59L trimmer can be fully recharged from empty in just about four and a half hours. That’s much faster than previous-generation batteries.

In addition to these great numbers, Cub Cadet has worked on a smarter lithium-ion technology that reduces a process known as “self-discharge.” Because these batteries rely on unique chemical interactions and processes to deliver power, they can sometimes lose their ability to stay charged over time. New developments, many of which Cub Cadet has taken advantage of, reduce this process and ensure that batteries hold onto both their charge and their charging capacity.

Beyond the Battery: A Fully Capable Home Hedge Trimmer with Sharp Blades

Despite the focus on Cub Cadet’s new battery technology, every fan of the company’s equipment knows that each new product pairs great technology with age-old durability and attention to detail. That’s true of the HT59L hedge trimmer, which comes with precision-sharpened, 22-inch steel blades that can handle seriously thick brush and hedges. In addition to being weather-resistant and able to withstand the force of difficult cutting, the company’s blades can make easy work of even the largest hedges.

That’s because, despite their battery-powered central unit, the trimmer can handle limbs and branches up to 9/16″ thick. That’s more than many comparable, battery-powered units and it’s even better than some units that use corded electrical power or gasoline-powered engines. All told, it means homeowners won’t have to shy away from trimming even their unruliest hedges all summer long.

Operator Comfort Was a Key Area of Focus for Cub Cadet When Developing the HT59L

Cub Cadet has won praise from its customers by not ignoring operator comfort at the expense of high-tech innovations or greater overall equipment power. That remains true for the company’s HT59L hedge trimmer. Those who have to use the equipment for extended periods of time will appreciate the three-sided operator grip, which ensures better comfort overall and reduces the kind of fatigue that can result from competing options after an extended period of usage.

To enhance safety, Cub Cadet has given the HT59L trimmer a lock-off switch that will prevent unwanted equipment starts. It’s an essential way to guarantee safer maintenance and easier overall operation throughout any trimming task.

Ralph Helm Inc. Can Help Customers In Search of the HT59L Trimmer or OEM Parts

With decades of experience in the power equipment industry, Ralph Helm Inc. knows what it takes for homeowners to make an informed equipment purchase. They pair their expertise with a full line of Cub Cadet trimmers, including the HT59L. For those who already own a Cub Cadet product, the company has OEM parts that can help with routine maintenance, required repairs, and everything in between.

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