Cub Cadet JS1150 Jet Sweep Leaf Blower Review

A lot of people have taken to calling autumn by a less formal name: Fall. Perhaps that’s because autumn is the season when a lot of things seem to fall, from the temperatures and hours of daylight to the leaves on all of the trees. After a few weeks of autumn, it’s easy to quickly fall behind on keeping a lawn green and in good health. Trees are relentless, and gravity is unforgiving.

The best way to get ahead of the inches of leaves covering a lawn is to purchase a leaf blower like the Cub Cadet JS1150. Cub Cadet is well-regarded for its lawn care products and landscaping tools, that the JS1150 is an excellent asset in the fight against a lawn that gets covered in leaves, stifling the grass’ ability to grow and survive the coming winter.

Great Features for Homeowners

Space is often at a premium when storing power equipment, with most homeowners storing it right alongside cars in the garage, or in a small tool shed that has limited square footage. Cub Cadet seems to understand this better than many competing brands, and their JS1150 leaf blower can actually be folded down and stored in a very small area within the garage or a small shed. It’s still a large and powerful leaf blower, but it only expands to full size when its functions are actually needed.

The leaf blower’s functions, of course, are the whole reason for buying it. This is no handheld leaf blower with limited output. Indeed, the JS1150 comes with two back wheels, and a guiding front wheel, that allow it to be pushed from behind through the yard. It can handle seriously large spaces, all while requiring minimal effort on behalf of the homeowner. A powerful engine backs up this superior performance and lawn domination, allowing the JS1150 to effectively clear larger spaces in less time than handheld products and lesser competitors.


A 208cc Cub Cadet OHV engine is included with the JS1150 leaf blower, and that’s the driving force behind the incredibly quick and efficient work that this equipment can put out on a regular basis. The engine’s larger size and more robust amount of power means that it can actually blow leaves using a 150mph continuous gust. That will make sure the leaves head not just to the neighbor’s yard, but much further down the street and into an area where they won’t soon be finding their way back.

This powerful leaf blower weighs in at just 89 pounds. That might sound heavy to some buyers, but it’s important to remember that this model is on wheels and does not require being held throughout operation. The leaf blower comes with a padded and foldable handle, perfect for highly ergonomic operation and enduring comfort that can last during even the longest jobs.

Benefits of Going with the JS1150

Handheld leaf blowers seem to have all of the caché, but none of the power required by homeowners with a larger lawn. Holding a portable leaf blower for hours on end can not just be tiring, but also quite painful. Cub Cadet has put this model on wheels, and that means it’s easy to move, a breeze to use for long periods of time, and efficient to use throughout the fall season.

The JS1150 is also foldable, and that’s a huge benefit for people who do not have a lot of extra space to store all of their power equipment. It’s often the case that the leaf blower sits alongside things like a lawn mower, a landscaping tractor, or a snowblower. This model will take up a minimal amount of room and ensure that no compromises are made in storage.

Where to Buy the JS1150

Ralph Helm Inc. is one of the best independent dealers for those seeking Cub Cadet leaf blowers and other products. With a firmly established reputation among homeowners and landscaping professionals, and a commitment to customer service and satisfaction, homeowners will find that they get the equipment, service, and support that they need each time they stop in.

Stick with OEM Replacement Parts

For homeowners who already own a Cub Cadet leaf blower, it’s worth mentioning the importance of OEM parts. Cub Cadet itself manufactures these parts, and they’re held to the same high standard as the power equipment that the company sells in Ralph Helm Inc. stores and others. The same cannot be said of off-brand parts that are typically poorly made and not as long-lasting as Cub Cadet’s own replacements.

For Great Service, Go to Ralph Helm, Inc.

Every now and then, even Cub Cadet’s stellar products require service and maintenance. Ralph Helm Inc. is a leading provider of service for Cub Cadet’s leaf blowers and other equipment, with the company’s mechanics employing only OEM service and the best practices for diagnosis and replacement of any problems that might arise

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