Cub Cadet Model ST59L Cordless String Trimmer

Cub Cadet Tring TrimmerIn the world of home trimmers, there has often been a divide between cordless trimmers and electric trimmers. Homeowners who wanted the convenience of a cord-free model had concern themselves with a trimmer that required oil and gasoline – and the subsequent maintenance of that model. Those who chose a corded model were able to avoid the hassle of gasoline, but they weren’t able to avoid the entanglement and limitations of a power cord. Finally, Cub Cadet has decided to bridge this divide with an exciting new lithium-ion trimmer that allows for cordless operation all around the home. There’s no oil, gas, or nasty smells, and homeowners get the ultimate in convenience. It’s an innovation worth celebrating.

Lithium-Ion Batteries Take on Trimming: How the ST59L is Changing Landscaping

After decades of compromise, homeowners can finally enjoy a great trimming experience that doesn’t require constant maintenance of oil to gas ratios or link together scores of extension cords that trace all the way back to the garage. The ST59L trimmer makes this possible by using a large and powerful lithium-ion battery. For those who currently own tablets, smartphones, and digital cameras, it’s worth noting that this is the same powerful battery technology that powers each of those devices. With years of development in consumer electronics, these batteries are designed to stand the test of time even when they’re constantly drained and recharged throughout the warmest months of the year.

For excellent operator convenience, the lithium-ion batteries found in the ST59L trimmer are designed to be interchangeable. Even if a battery loses its charge and doesn’t last as long as it did when it was new, trimmer owners can find a convenient, OEM replacement from Cub Cadet that will keep their trimmer going for the long haul.

Cub Cadet’s lithium-ion battery is a “long-use” battery specifically designed for bigger landscaping tasks that will take the mower out of charging range for significant periods of time. Even so, it charges from empty in just over four and a half hours. That’s quicker than even most smartphones and tablets currently on the market.

Operator Convenience: A Trimmer that Understands What Homeowners Need

In addition to its convenient, lithium-ion battery architecture, Cub Cadet has worked to significantly reduce the amount of noise produced by its ST59L model. That will allow operators to get the job done without disturbing their neighbors or risking their own hearing. As a further commitment to operator convenience, the trimmer comes with an adjustable D-style handle that can be moved up or down to work with any operator height or any other concerns that might affect comfort.

To make all trimming just a bit quicker and easier, Cub Cadet pairs its ST59L with a 12-inch cutting line that can handle seriously large areas of the lawn. That’s an especially welcome change when compared to many electric or gasoline models, where the cutting line is often quite a bit shorter and requires a bit more time outdoors to finish a job of the same size. The straight shaft design of the ST59L trimmer allows it to be effortlessly reached under shrubs and larger plants throughout the yard, handling hidden and hard-to-reach weeds that other trimmers would simply be forced to leave behind.

Cub Cadet has also given its ST59L trimmer the ability to adapt to both right-handed and left-handed users, with small adjustments that make holding the equipment natural for both kinds of operators. A battery indicator light is located in a prime location on the equipment, making it easy to hurry through trimming and connect the trimmer to a charger if required.

Included Accessories: Cub Cadet Bundles a Charger at No Extra Cost

The company has focused on making sure that users can always charge the battery after a long day of use outdoors. In addition to simply including this charger, Cub Cadet has worked to make sure that it’s compatible with the company’s full lineup of lithium-ion-powered trimmers and saws.

It might also be worth noting that, of all of the company’s lithium-ion trimmers and saws, only the ST59L trimmer comes with its own charging accessory. The company’s other lithium-ion options all require a charger to be purchased separately, unless the ST59L is already on hand and its charger is available.

Ralph Helm Inc. is a Great Resource for Cub Cadet Buyers

Whether it’s a new Cub Cadet trimmer or any number of replacement parts for this innovative piece of landscaping equipment, homeowners will easily find what they need at Ralph Helm Inc. The company has an extensive lineup of new Cub Cadet models and offers OEM parts for great, long-term maintenance that will keep everything running perfectly.

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