Cub Cadet Parts You’ll Need This Spring

Cub Cadet LogoWith the arrival of spring, as well as much warmer weather, lawns are beginning to grow again at a fast pace. That means homeowners need to begin servicing their Cub Cadet mowers and performing seasonal parts replacement. The replacement of a few key parts can help the engine run more efficiently, and it can help the mower itself handle the tough terrain of a home’s lawn more effectively. Perhaps best of all, each of these parts is easy to find, easy to replace, and will likely last for the length of this years’ warmest months, when the lawn seems to grow faster with each passing week. 

Air Filters

Without a doubt, Cub Cadet owners are going to need a new air filter this spring as they look to boost the efficiency of their mower’s engine and increase the ease with which the mower starts up each week. Air filters, of course, are responsible for filter air and passing it on to the engine, where it allows for the sparks that ignite the engine and start the blades.

Air filters are typically located behind a simple air filter cover, and they can be cleaned or replaced simply by removing that cover, taking the air filter out, and performing the necessary maintenance. Within just a few moments, the mower’s operation will be made much more highly efficient.

Fuel Filters

The best way to ensure that a mower enjoys every possible year of its rated life is to make sure that a clean fuel filter is in place at all times. The fuel filter’s primary job is to prevent debris, dust, and water from interacting with the fuel and entering the engine, where such products could cause quite a bit of damage.

Replacing the fuel filter is both easy and affordable. Plus, with the long-term benefits of cleaner fuel and less debris in the mower, the equipment is likely to last for decades into the future. OEM fuel filters are highly recommended as part of this process, and they’re pretty easy to find for virtually all Cub Cadet mower models.

Cub Cadet Lawn Mower Blades

It’s pretty hard to complete a thorough lawn mowing job if the blades attached to the mower are dull, uneven, rusted, or otherwise damaged. Though Cub Cadet’s blades are built and designed to stand the test of time, they will eventually succumb to a combination of constant stress and the effects of natural elements. That’s when it’s time to simply take these blades off the mower and replace them with brand new, OEM alternatives.

Blades are one of the quickest items to remove from the mower, typically held into place by a simple retaining bolt underneath the mower deck. Removing that bolt with a socket wrench will generally allow for a full replacement in just a few minutes, though extreme care should be used throughout the process. Ensure that the mower is cooled off after use, that the spark plug wire has been disconnected, and that protective gloves are in use when handling blades, in order to ensure safety throughout the ordeal.

OEM Mower Belts

Mower belts keep the blades spinning, providing the right amount of tension and interaction between the engine and the blades at the bottom of the mower. Though most Cub Cadet models feature highly durable Kevlar blades that are designed to last several years, they merit annual inspection and occasional replacement at the start of the spring season. Consult the Cub Cadet mower’s owner manual to learn more about the unique belts, replacement processes, and parts numbers needed during this process.

Cub Cadet Spark Plugs

Without fresh spark plugs, starting the mower is bound to be a battle that rages on for several minutes at a time each week. Spark plugs are easy to replace, affordable to purchase, and relatively important for the mower’s overall functions. Cub Cadet owners can find a wide variety of OEM spark plugs for every model, and the owner’s manual with each mower will make it clear just how easy it is to remove the old plugs, install the new ones, and get the mower going again at peak efficiency.

Mower Wheels and Tires

Perhaps the most durable part of any mower is its wheel and tire assembly, with rugged rubber tires and metal wheels that will stand up to virtually any debris, precipitation, or terrain. Even so, after a few years in use, tires will require replacement. If particularly big debris has impacted a wheel, it may also need replaced when the tire is removed. Cub Cadet offers a full line of OEM replacements for wheels and tires on every riding and walk behind mower, making this an effective and affordable replacement across the board.

Seasonal Maintenance Works Best at Buchalla Small Engine

Buchalla Small Engine is an authorized Cub Cadet retailer that understands the value of seasonal maintenance and OEM parts. The company offers a highly intuitive parts lookup tool that can filter available parts by part number, mower model number, equipment type, and engine type. Buyers will be able to buy just the parts they need, at the prices they require, in a matter of moments using the company’s equipment-focused website.


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