Cub Cadet SC 500e Self Propelled Lawnmower

Cub Cadet SC 500eCub Cadet’s commercial prowess extends to the companies line of walk-behind lawn mowers, which are a perfect match for most homeowners. That’s because the company’s line of walk-behind mowers comes in three distinct models that are perfect for different types of homeowners and, indeed, different types of landscapers. The Cub Cadet SC 500 e is the company’s middle-of-the-road mower. It’s got the most powerful engine, but it doesn’t have all of the “bells and whistles” of the higher-end 500 z model that’s targeted to serious landscapers with an appetite for quick, effective work.An In-Depth Look at the Mower’s Capable Features

As with any company’s walk-behind lawn mowers, Cub Cadet’s models are only as good as their features and the engine that powers them. The Cub Cadet SC 500 e is actually quite capable, as it features the most powerful engine out of the three SC 500 models that the company sells to average homeowners. That allows is to handle tough terrain and longer mowing jobs with relative ease.

The powerful engine on the mower is used not only to make sure that the blades keep turning, but also to ensure that the self-propelled mower keeps moving forward. Homeowners have long lamented mowing the lawn throughout the spring and summer, and that’s largely because it’s pretty intense to push a lawn mower around for large periods of time in the hot sun. The self-propelled rear wheels of the SC 500 e make that just a bit easier, allowing most homeowners to give the mower a nudge without the full force of a push.

The mower also features a 3-in-1 bag system with a special liner that controls dust. This 3-in-1 system is essential, as Cub Cadet has opted to integrate a mulching system into the equipment. This system allows for eco-friendly mowing that can pay dividends above and beyond the cutting heights of the included 21-inch blade. And, because most people will be retaining the mulch created by the mower, Cub Cadet has been sure to include a sufficiently large bag for clippings or mulching. It will likely be able to last throughout even larger mowing jobs without being emptied, enhancing the convenience of the mowing process just a bit more than competing models.

Impressive Specs Characterize the Cub Cadet Mowing Experience

The trademark of a Cub Cadet landscaping experience is never having to sacrifice comfort, convenience, or raw power, in the name of affordability and a durable product. That is certainly true with the company’s mid-range SC 500 e self-propelled mower. Though it’s considered the mid-range model, it comes with the most powerful engine of the bunch. Homeowners will enjoy access to a 173cc Cub Cadet OHV engine that the company pairs with electric start. That means less repetitive yanking of the ripcord and quicker completion of a large mowing job, and it’s a win for consumers.

The mowing deck is 21 inches in size and it can support blades that measure both 19 inches and 21 inches. The deck can be adjusted to accommodate the perfect length of a yard’s grass, going as low as 1.25 inches. The mower can also be raised as high as 3.75 inches for those homeowners who prefer slightly longer grass that looks a bit less like the turf seen on the average football field.

Cub Cadet’s SC 500 e mower comes with a six-speed rear-drive system that is key to powering the self-propelled back wheels. The system can be shifted into different speeds relatively easy, powering the mower through even the toughest jobs. Best of all, the mower won’t require a significant amount of extra handling or fuel, as it weighs in at just 93 pounds. That weight is slightly below average for mowers of this type, but it contributes to a much greater advantage in terms of usability and efficiency.

OEM Parts are the Way to Go for Cub Cadet Mower Buyers

There’s no disputing the quality of Cub Cadet’s walk-behind mowers, but homeowners should be prepared to replace certain parts and conduct regular maintenance on the mower after purchase. When that maintenance does become necessary, most homeowners will be faced with a choice between OEM replacement parts and generic alternatives that often cost just a bit less.

While the lower overall cost of generic parts upfront can be alluring, those parts are generally not as long-lasting or as compatible with Cub Cadet mowers as the OEM parts that the company makes itself. For the best combination of longevity and value, Cub cadet owners should choose OEM parts made in Cub Cadet factories.

Ralph Helm Inc. is a Great Place for Cub Cadet Buyers

The professionals at Ralph Helm Inc. are experts in power equipment, both for commercial and residential purposes. Their knowledge of product features, required parts, and service recommendations, will serve to help customers enjoy their long period of Cub Cadet ownership.


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