Cub Cadet Snow Blowers

Clearing Snow

Photo by kcxd

Winter is a tough season, especially if you don’t have the right power equipment. Dealing with seasonal weather is made much easier, however, if you have a quality snow blower to help you pick up snow and put it back down where you want it. So what’s the secret to choosing a good Cub Cadet snow blower? Well, there are several.

Although Cub Cadet actually refers to their line of snow-beating power equipment as snow throwers rather than snow blowers, they perform the same essential task: getting lots of compacted snow out of your way. They have a range of options, so that no matter how much area you have to clear, how difficult the job is, and how deep the snow is, you can find what you need.

If you are dealing with a huge property that you regularly want to keep clear, you’ll likely need a larger and more powerful machine. However, if you just need to clear a driveway, a smaller one-stage model will probably do the trick. A one-stage blower can handle up to 6 inches, while a three-stage easily handles 18. If you’re somewhere in between, you’ll probably do well with a two-stage snow blower.

Possibly, you’re confused by the mention of a three-stage system, which is patented technology that only Cub Cadet makes. This revolutionary system first collects the ice and snow, then moves it upward before throwing it clear, and works considerably more quickly than other types of snow blower. If you’re someone who regularly has to deal with the wall of snow at the end of the driveway, the three-stage will be perfect for you. Plus, it’s comfortable to use, easily clearing tough snow without making you break a sweat.

Wondering about when you should get a snow blower? As we suggest here, if it isn’t winter yet, you might want to buy your power equipment before the seasonal rush drains inventory until next year. Besides, buying out of season may save you a few bucks. 

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