Cub Cadet Snowblower Buyers Guide – Which Series is Right for Me?

Cub Cadet 726 TDEWhen winter weather strikes, digging out can be a chore. But with the right snow-throwing equipment, that chore doesn’t have to be a backbreaker.

Cub Cadet, a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, offers four lines of walk-behind snow throwers: the 200, 500, 700 and 900 Series. Most series feature multiple models designed to handle removal jobs both large and small. Each model has its own specifications. A comparison can help buyers find the machine to blow away whatever the season may deliver.

200 Series

Cub Cadet 200 Series feature its smallest and lightest machines, known as single-stage models. The series has two models: the 221 HP and the 221 LHP. These snow throwers are built for light snow and slush.

Both models have a clearing width of 21 inches and an intake height of 13 inches, designed for smaller walkways and driveways. Both come with push-button electric starters.

Each model features a nine-inch, steel-reinforced rubber auger to move away snow and slush and assist the machine’s drive system. And both have a reversible scraper to clear away any snow or slush left behind.

The 221 LHP differs from the 221 HP in that the former features a larger engine, 208 cc as opposed to the 179 cc engine on the latter. The direction and pitch of the 221 LHP expulsion chute can be adjusted by a remote located near the machine handle, meaning the operator can change throwing direction while on the move. The 221 HP chute is manually operated.

The 221 LHP model comes with an in-dash headlight, to allow operation in any kind of light.

500 Series

The 500 Series are two-stage snow throwers and can clear a wider path with each pass. They feature heavy-duty steel augers, larger engines, bigger tires, power steering, and longer chutes.

This series features five models: the 524 WE, the 524 SWE, the 526 SWE, the 528 SWE and the 530 SWE. The first four are designed to clear away moderate, heavy or deep snow on wider walkways and driveways. The 530 SWE is designed to also move away wet snow, slush and ice.

All models in the series feature a push-button electric starter, an intake height of 21 inches and an auger diameter of 12 inches. The engines have eight speeds (six forward, two reverse). Each model has single-handed, multi-directional chute control, a headlight, a chute clearing device, skid shoes and a steel shave plate.

Differences between the models include clearing width, which ranges from 24 inches on the 524 WE to 30 inches on the 530 SWE. The 524 WE is all-wheel drive; all other models are steerable-wheel drive.

Power steering is available on all models except the 524 WE. Engine sizes range from 208 cc for the smaller models to 357 cc for the 530 SWE. And the 530 SWE has heated hand grips as a standard feature.

700 Series

The Cub Cadet 700 series is a single model with specifications similar to the 500 series.

The two-stage 728 TDE features an intake height, auger design and diameter equal to the 500 models. It features adjustable chute control, eight speeds, a push-button electric starter, power steering, heated hand grips, a headlight, skid shoes and a steel shave plate. And, like the 530 SWE, it is designed to clear away all types of snow, slush and ice.

The 728 TDE features a clearing width of 28 inches. It is lighter than all of the 500 models, but has a 277 cc engine.

The major feature of the 728 TDE is its unique track drive with multiple, adjustable operating positions. This allows the machine to maintain traction on snow, ice, gravel, uneven or inclined surfaces.

900 Series

Cub Cadet 900 Series machines are commercial models, made to handle the biggest snow-removal tasks. They are built for durable use in heavy winter conditions.

The three models, the 930 SWE, the 933 SWE and the 945 SWE, come with most of the same standard features found in the other series, only in a larger package. Clearing widths range from 30 to 45 inches, with a 22-inch intake height and a 16-inch steel auger. Engine sizes range from 357 cc to 420 cc.

More information

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