Cub Cadet Volunteer™ Overview

One acre or one hundred, the need to keep lawns and fields trimmed and well-maintained is the same. The average homeowner or groundskeeper does not have the budget to own seasonal tools. A better idea is a multi-purpose tool that is useful in all four seasons. The Cub Cadet Volunteer™ utility vehicle is exactly that tool. 

All the models of the Cub Cadet are versatile. There are more than 40 accessories available to expand its functions as needed. A strong heavy-duty suspension system combines with a steel frame to make rugged work vehicles. They come with coil over shocks to help with the 1,400 pounds of payload or towing capacity for each of these machines.

Volunteer™ 4×2

The 4×2 model sports an 18 horsepower Kohler Command V-twin air cooled 624 cc engine and a seven gallon fuel tank. It comes with headlights and hydraulic brakes. A steel bumper and top speed of 30 mph to go with a ground clearance of 11 inches and a turning diameter of 24 feet. It also has a one year limited residential warranty. This utility vehicle features a 14.4 cubic foot bed for hauling. The 4×2 is perfect for those with a small property to maintain.

Volunteer™ 4×4

The 4×4 model clocks in with a 20 horsepower Kohler Command V-twin air cooled 624 cc engine and a four-wheel drive with differential traction. It has a seven gallon fuel tank and comes with a one year limited residential warranty. Ideal for rugged terrain or working in a muddy field. This is a tough vehicle with a steel bed. Add some accessories like the dump bed, snow blade, winch, windshield, doors, and seat covers and its a mini truck. Clean the snow off the driveway in record time with this little machine. Available in red, green, or yellow colors. This long-lasting utility vehicle will be part of your small farm equipment for years.

Volunteer™ 4×4 EFI

The 4×4 EFI has a 31 horsepower Kohler Aegis V-twin liquid cooled 747 cc engine. This gives it a little more power and a top speed of 35 mph. It features rack and pinion steering and a 1,000 pound steel cargo box. It also has a seven gallon fuel tank and comes with a one year limited residential warranty. This model offers a Mossy Oak Treestand camouflage color along with the standard red, green, and yellow. Adding the right accessories like a hard roof, fog lights, and a gun boot can make this utility vehicle a nice way to get deep into the woods for a hunting trip.

Volunteer™ 4×4 D

The 4×4 D model features a 29.1 horsepower Yanmar 3 cylinder inline 854 cc diesel engine. It is 100 pounds heavier than the other models, but that is not a problem for its liquid cooled diesel engine. The reliability and fuel efficiency of a diesel engine means fuel savings when it does the job a less efficient machine ordinarily would do. It has a seven gallon fuel tank and comes with a one year limited residential warranty. These clock more hours than tractors on some small farms.

Having more than 40 accessories allows an owner to outfit the vehicle anyway needed. It is a mini-tractor. It is a mini-truck. It is a hunting vehicle. The Cub Cadet versatility expands through the accessories. Adding these over time, as the need occurs is a standard practice. Hood racks, electric bed lifts, and extras for snow removal or salt spreading are often added to the Cub Cadet. Heating kits are also available to make the driver and passenger more comfortable. Many of the things found on an automobile are available as accessories on these utility vehicles.

Where to Buy?

These Volunteer™ UTVs are available at your local authorized Cub Cadet dealer. Always go to an authorized dealer for servicing and to buy genuine OEM parts. Adding a Cub Cadet vehicle to your small farm or the institution where you work is a smart way to add versatility and fuel economy to your operation. These long-lasting vehicles do the work of bigger machines but take up less space and use less gas.

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