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Cub Cadet Home Test Drive

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When comparing products, consumers are often relegated to looking at photographs and comparing specifications. Unfortunately, spec sheets and promotional materials can only provide so much material on the product. To determine whether a piece of equipment is right for their purposes, many users want to experience the product in person. Fortunately, Cub Cadet offers its customers such a chance.

About the Cub Cadet Test Drive Experience

Online information is one thing, but many users would like a more tactile experience before spending money on expensive machinery. Informational videos and promotional literature may not adequately convey seating positions, controls, and the general feel of a machine relative to the competition. This requires personal experience that is not always available to prospective purchasers. The Cub Cadet Test Drive Experience is Cub Cadet’s invitation to the public to take a detailed and personal look at its offerings.

The 2013 Cub Cadet Test Drive Experience marks Cub Cadet’s second year of operating the event. Cub Cadet holds the events due to the knowledge that customers who try their products will see the product’s virtues. Cub Cadet offers customers three venues to take the Test Drive Experience: online, on tour or in person at a local dealer.

Experiencing the Drive Online

Cub Cadet invites the public to experience its products in one of three ways. For users who would like to learn more about Cub Cadet without investing the time and money into a physical trip, Cub Cadet lets users enjoy the experience online. Users who wish to start their Cub Cadet Test Drive experience online can visit the Cub Cadet website.

Online, users will find an array of information on Cub Cadet’s products. In addition to the standard product photographs and specifications, users will find product reviews and in-depth videos detailing the product and its uses. The online Cub Cadet Test Drive Experience contains information on the company’s various mowers, tillers, snow throwers, and utility vehicles. Users can see the products hard at work, verifying that the zero-turn mowers are in fact zero-turn mowers. Visitors can also explore Cub Cadet’s innovative technologies.

Experiencing the Drive on Tour

For users who want to experience the product in person, Cub Cadet will host special all-day events at many locations all across the United States starting February 28, 2013, and ending in May. Cub Visitors to the Cub Cadet Test Drive Experience tour events can interact with the Cub Cadet product of their choice. Customers may do more than look at and climb onto the units; customers can physically test drive and operate the equipment of their choice, including the most modern zero-turn riding mowers. Physically sampling the four-wheel steering and operating controls provides a tactile experience not normally offered by other companies in the industry.

The tour events are not limited to mere viewing and riding. At these tour events, visitors will have access to Cub Cadet experts who can answer any questions about the equipment and provide the visitors with additional product information. The tour events also include free giveaways of exclusive gear and provide visitors with opportunities exclusive to the event. For visitors without access to a local Cub Cadet dealer, waiting for a local tour may be one of the best ways to experience the Cub Cadet line – in person.

For upcoming events close to you, check out the Cub Cadet website.

Experiencing the Drive at a Local Business

For individuals unable to attend a tour event on a tour date, Cub Cadet offers another convenient venue for the Test Drive Experience. Attendees can visit any one of thousands of specified Cub Cadet dealers across the country. Ralph Helm Inc. stocks a full line of equipment from Cub Cadet and numerous other manufacturers, ensuring that buyers can compare equipment across the board. People who wish to have the Cub Cadet Experience or simply purchase spare parts for their equipment should visit Ralph Helm Inc. at one of its two locations in Elgin or Crystal Lake, Ill.

At a local dealer like Ralph Helm Inc., visitors can test drive Cub Cadet equipment and examine the product in great detail to determine which model fits their needs. Visiting a local dealer also allows buyers to make a purchase on site and take home their new Cub Cadet machine. For buyers who need the equipment promptly, taking the Test Drive Experience in person at a local dealer is a great way to get a feel for the equipment before buying.


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