Don’t Miss Ralph Helm’s Annual Early Bird Service Specials

Spring will be here before you know it, which means it’s time to start thinking about spring landscaping projects. If your equipment has been sitting idle in the storage shed all winter, there’s a good chance it needs a little pick-me-up to get it back into shape and ready to tackle your landscape. At Ralph Helm Inc., we provide a variety of services for all types of landscaping equipment, so if you need help getting your lawnmower or chainsaw ready for spring, we can help. And right now is the best time to schedule any maintenance on your equipment during our Annual Early Bird Service Specials.

Annual Early Bird Specials

At Ralph Helm Inc., our service guarantee states that if you buy a piece of equipment from us, we will make any repairs you need within one week or less. If we can’t make the repairs in the time allotted, we give you a loaner unit to use until your equipment is ready.

Because of this extraordinary guarantee, there are times during the year when we might not be able to service equipment purchased elsewhere in a timely manner. Typically that’s in April, May and June, when the bulk of landscaping work is being completed. That’s why each year we roll out early bird service specials, offering you a great deal on service for your equipment when you choose to get it serviced before the spring/summer rush.

Our early bird service specials are as follows:




Blowers & Trimmers $64.95 + parts $49.95 + parts
Edgers $67.95 + parts $52.95 + parts
Pumps & Generators $69.95 + parts $54.95 + parts
Chainsaws $69.95 + parts $54.95 + parts
Concrete Saws $74.95 + parts $59.95 + parts
Lawnmowers $89.95 + parts $74.95 + parts
Rototillers $119.95 + parts $104.05 + parts
33″ Wide-Cut Mowers $159.95 + parts $129.95 + parts
Rear Engine Riding Mowers $169.95 + parts $139.95 + parts
Single Cylinder Tractors $189.95 + parts $159.95 + parts
Commercial Wide-Cut Mowers $189.95 + parts $159.95 + parts
Twin Cylinder Tractors & Non-Commercial Zero-Turns $199.95 + parts $169.95 + parts
Utility Carts $219.95 + parts $189.95 + parts
Commercial Zero-Turns 229.95 + parts $199.95 + parts

These prices include a normal tune-up — lubrication, tightening, installation of necessary parts, sharpening and balancing of blades, as well as free pick-up and delivery for customers within 15 miles of Ralph Helm Inc.

But you better hurry, as these specials will end Feb. 28!

Why Service Your Equipment?

You might be asking yourself why you need to service your lawn care equipment. Well, for starters you’ve likely invested a good deal of money in your equipment, and for that reason alone you should want to take care of it. It can also be frustrating when you go to work on your yard and find that your equipment isn’t working. By servicing your equipment on a regular basis, you can correct small problems sooner rather than later when they become much bigger problems.

You can take advantage of our early bird specials at either of our two locations — at 36W710 Foothill Road, in Elgin and 7402 Teckler Blvd., in Crystal lake. And look out for our new location opening in March 2016 at 820 Stover, Unit A, in Elburn.

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