Echo Chainsaw Model CS-370 Review

Echo 370 ChainsawWhen the time has come to get serious about bringing down a tree or performing other demolition work outdoors, there is simply no substitute for a powerful chainsaw that can adapt to the circumstances and get things done. That’s certainly something that Echo USA knows, as the company currently offers one of the most powerful and versatile chainsaws on the market. The company’s CS-370 chainsaw, which comes with a number of different bar lengths and a powerful two-stroke engine, is easily a top option for homeowners and commercial landscapers alike, offering the right tools for any outdoor cutting or demolition job that needs to be done quickly.

A Look at the Specs: How the CS-370 Stacks Up

Any chainsaw purchase is generally made based on the specifications of the engine and other equipment as advertised by the manufacturer. In this case, Echo USA seems to know its market and has paired the CS-370 model with everything it needs to draw attention and get work done. The chainsaw comes with a powerful two-stroke engine that offers a displacement rating above 36cc. This makes the CS-370 far more powerful than most of its completion, but the weight of the engine doesn’t make the chainsaw unwieldy or hard to use.

Echo USA’s latest chainsaw model can hold nearly 14 ounces of fuel in its included fuel tank, and that bodes well for particularly challenging work that won’t finish quickly. The larger fuel capacity of the chainsaw allows it to operate continuously for far longer than many other models, reducing the need for time-consuming interruptions for refueling. Its larger fuel tank is supplemented by an appropriately sized 9.5-ounce oil capacity, designed to keep the equipment functional for longer stretches of challenging, continuous work.

Despite its solid metal construction and powerful engine, the CS-370 weights in at just 10 pounds. That’s actually quite competitive among more powerful chainsaw models, and most buyers will find that the CS-370 feels lighter and a bit easier to maneuver than many competing options currently on the market.

The Features: A Look at How the CS-370 Differs from the Rest

Chainsaws are known for their vibrations, often causing a great deal of fatigue when used for long stretches of time. Echo USA has worked to reduce, if not eliminate, this common concern among equipment operators. That’s why they’ve consistently bundled vibration reduction mechanisms in virtually all chainsaws sold to the public. The CS-370 is no exception to this company policy, featuring a standard vibration reduction system that simply makes the equipment less jarring to use and handle, even for extensive periods of time.

Using the equipment for longer periods of time is also a great deal easier with the CS-370, thanks in no small part to its tri-blade attachment system. While the equipment comes with a 14-inch blade as standard equipment, buyers can purchase 16-inch and 18-inch blades that will replace the shorter 14-inch model. Larger blades allow the chainsaw to work with larger trees and other debris, and they might even reduce the amount of time spent with the chainsaw during more routine tasks.

While the chainsaw’s handle is made of aluminum, as is standard throughout much of the power equipment industry, Echo USA bundles the CS-370 with a thick and comfortable rubber coating that helps to reduce vibrations and make longer work easier to endure. The rubber coating also gives the chainsaw a tactile grip that can go a long way toward producing more accurate, precise, and safer results for all involved.

The Benefits of the CS-370 Chainsaw are Big

Few companies have worked to fine tune the chainsaw cutting process like Echo USA has with its CS-370 model. The company has systematically worked to reduce vibrations, increase tactile grips and operator comfort, and to create an extensible blade system that allow for one of three available models to be used and interchanged.

Without a doubt, the main benefit of the CS-370 is its combination of comfort and flexibility. Few chainsaw models are as versatile or as comfortable as this model, and that will help to elevate both safety and productivity levels among professionals and residential buyers. Best of all, Echo USA maintains a large selection of OEM parts and fluids that are designed to keep the chainsaw in like-new condition for many years after purchase.

Ralph Helm Inc. Offers Echo USA Chainsaws and Parts to Consumers

Consumers have long trusted Ralph Helm Inc. to provide them with the parts and equipment needed to handle virtually any task that benefits from power equipment. The company’s large selection of chainsaws is an example of this, and the Echo USA CS-370 is just one of the many models sold to consumers who need a powerful engine and a flexible bar length to get the job done. When combined with the company‚Äôs extensive selection of Echo USA OEM replacement parts, and a thorough understanding of equipment service requirements, consumers will find all of their needs met with ease.

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2 Responses to Echo Chainsaw Model CS-370 Review

  1. Justin says:

    The little CS-370 is great!! I was reluctant to use Echo earlier, but I am still proud of my decision to go with this little powerful saw.
    It doesn’t stop even after hours of use, really serious stuff guys, just give them a try!!

  2. The CS-370 is small but terrible (in a good way). Great review!

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