Echo PB 250 Handheld Blower Review

Choosing the right leaf blower for your job is easier with the high-tech options available through Echo. Echo specializes in power and durability and is the number one choice of professionals. The Echo PB-250 Handheld Blower offers reliable performance and durability. It is easy to operate due to its special design, which offers the best in balance and smooth performance. The professional grade two-stroke, highest certified EPA rated engine is durable and powerful providing exceptional performance for varying jobs. It’s built to powerfully handle every situation. Its five-year consumer and two-year commercial warranty makes it the choice of both professional contractors and homeowners. 

The quiet design of the PB-250 is perfect for noise sensitive environments. The tremendous speeds allow for smooth and efficient cleaning of each area. This unique product, however, does not compromise speed for quiet efficiency. The manual provides details on noise regulations and power levels. The multiple key features are easy to utilize and when combined together they unite to form a powerful handheld tool.

Key Features of the Echo PB-250

• Professional grade engine
• High-quality handheld performance
• Lightweight
• Hand-held comfortable balance
• 25.4cc power boost vortex engine
• 16.9 fluid ounces see-through fuel tank
• Front exhaust
• High quality interlocking pipes
• Positive locking latch
• Grouped controls for easy access
• Three position top-handle
• Curved pipe providing rotational control

The assembly of this Echo leaf blower is quick and easy, however maintenance and assembly should never be done while the engine is running. Safety for the operator, others and property must remain top priority.

Basic User Instructions

Operation of the PB–250 should always be done while wearing safety glasses, hearing protection and an ACC filter mask. Reduced speed should be used while performing light-duty tasks in order to comply with the local noise requirements. Higher speed settings are available for tougher and harder jobs. These higher settings should not be used for low level operations. For example, the lower-level settings should be used for blowing debris from hard surfaces. Higher engine speeds will produce a louder noise. Minimizing dust is achieved by using lower speeds. Higher levels of speed may be necessary for cleaning debris and snow from lawns and flower beds. Proper use of speed must correlate with regulated noise levels and safety concerns such as excess blowing of dust and debris in public locations.

Basic Maintenance of the Echo PB-250 Blower

Basic maintenance requirements for the Echo PB-250 include cleaning the fuel cap with a clean rag, emptying the tank, replacing oil and air filters, routine sparkplug checks, occasional sparkplug replacements, spark plug adjustments, and removal of any cooling passage blockages, cleaning of the cooling fans, cleaning the intake grill with a brush, cleaning the cylinder fins and exhaust port cleaning. The maintenance required is simple and quick. It will ensure that the product performs to its highest ability.

Multiple Jobs Accomplished with One Tool

The tremendous blowing performance is highly suitable for professional use and residential use. Its many possible jobs include snow blowing, leaf blowing, and debris clearing, such as the following:

• Piles of leaves, especially wet leaves.
• Removal of hedge trimming
• Removal of grass cuttings
• Blowing dirt and debris from the driveway
• Cleaning the dirt from the garage floor
• Blowing the back deck
• Cleaning work sites

Jobs that need serious lifting and pushing power are handled quickly and easily with this powerful machine. The Echo PB-250’s handheld powerful and efficient performance matches these weighty jobs. Its design reduces fatigue and makes clean up easier. This professional leaf blower is available for purchase at the authorized Echo dealer.

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