EGGStraordinary Easter Planters

EGGStraordinary Easter PlantersEaster is around the corner and planning for a fun and creative Easter Sunday for your family can be a bit challenging each year, especially if you want to make it memorable and different.

Whether you are looking for a clever hostess gift, chic party favors, or simply a creative project to do with your kids, egg shell planters is an easy and affordable cure for spring fever itches.

Since they are biodegradable and found in most households, especially at Easter time, egg shell planters are not only fun and festive, but practical and inexpensive. Other things you will need are egg holders, seeds, and seed-starting mix or pellets.

Egg holders come in a wide variety of styles through many craft stores and other retailers. If you are crafty and feel ambitious, you can make your own egg holders using wire, egg crates, or even paper. Alternatively, tea light holders can do the trick.

When it comes to choosing seeds, you’ll need to know how long it will take for seedlings to appear. To use the planters for decorative purposes, or as a gift, you’ll want seedlings to be visible and on their way to growing into an herb, vegetable stalk, or flower. Seedlings can take a week to three weeks to appear, depending on your variety, which makes planning ahead a key component to this project. If you are running short on time, pepper and cosmos seeds tend to sprout quickly. For novice gardeners, using seeds from packets with clear growing instructions are your best option. Keep in mind, as seedlings can sometimes be difficult to identify, limit your variety or be sure to have some type of identifier on your shell or holder. Knowing what is growing in your shell will be important when depositing into its permanent location.

For best results, use a healthy seed-starting mixture or pellets. Be sure your mixture is clean and sterile to avoid disease. It is equally important to be sure that your empty egg shells are clean and sterile. Gently swish a few drops of bleach and warm water around the inside of the egg shells and let them air dry completely before adding pellets or mixture. For best esthetic results, be sure to fill the egg shell nearly to the top. If using pellets, you may need to use two per shell. Be sure the mixture is loose, fluffy, and wet; but not soaked. Using a pencil, or similar object, poke a ¼” hole and drop in a couple of seeds. Lightly cover the seeds with mixture, set into a holder, place in a sunny location, and wait. Remember to keep the growing mixture moist.

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