Electric Zero Turn Mower

Energy conservation and time-efficiency combined with precise results, and comfort riding are key points in the successful search for premier lawn care, and larger landscaping maintenance requirements. When it comes to top of the line electric zero-turn mowers there are  models engineered and designed to satisfy every specific professional and private lawn care concern for green-industry providers. Owning a clean running engine that eliminates the engine noise, emission of fumes from exhaust, gas, and oil  is a luxury in itself. Having a walk behind or seated model that absorbs vibrations and shock are priceless advantages for servicing expansive acreage.

Fully electric zero-turn mowers have no fuel issues, in fact one battery powers the impressive powerhouse engine for a full hour of uninterrupted cutting at full power. If you prefer a smooth ride over the innovations of the walk-behind models, you will enjoy the four-wheel steering and steering wheel control of the series RTZ™ S Zero line, award winners of the highest honors from the most prestigious of American Business Awards in 2014. The Top-quality Electric Zero-Turn Mower models offered by select lawn equipment centers like Ralph Helm Inc., in Crystal Lake and Elgin, IL., have the innovative edge on engineering and design allowing that "turn on a dime" advantage for landscaping around trees, gardens, hard-scapes and outdoor sports and play areas. A time-advantage feature that trims hours per month from detailing and edging equipment use. Each model of the Electric Zero Turn Mowers features various extended wide-cutting decks that will reduce cutting time per acreage for cost-efficiency and time-savings. 

The 2014 released Troy-Bilt TB WC33XP™, has the 33" Wide Cut, Self-Propelled features for example. The rear wheel self-propelled design feature creates an easy wider cut of 33 inches with a unique twin-blade that improves motion. Extra wide tires prevent lawn damage due to evenly distributed weight. These models have electric start to power-up the amazing Briggs & Stratton® engine designed for immediate responsiveness. You decide, is it a Tesla or Cadillac of the Zero-turn electric mower line?

Contact Ralph Helm Inc., for more details about these electric zero turn mower additions for your private or commercial landscaping needs.

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