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Choosing A Mantis TillerFrom small landscaping to large-scale gardens, few tools save as much time and work as a good tiller. Mantis tillers are consistently rated among the best, and there’s little wonder why. With lightweight, durable construction, powerful engines and affordable prices, the entire line of Mantis tillers represents the best of the best. Here is a quick breakdown of the various models available from Mantis, as well as some tips to help choose the right one.

2-Cycle Tillers

Mantis offers two selections featuring 2-cycle engines. The Mantis 9″ 2-cycle tiller features a nine-inch tilling width and weighs in at just 20 pounds. The 21.2 cubic centimeter, 2-cycle engine features a recoil start and variable-speed throttle and supplies enough power to spin the tines at 240 revolutions per minute.

The Mantis Deluxe 9″ 2-cycle tiller features the same 2-cycle engine and tilling width, but adds several convenient upgrades. In place of the standard grips found on the base model, the deluxe features ergonomic comfort grips atop height-adjustable handles. The deluxe model also features a flush-mounted throttle and a convenient front bumper handle. Despite these additions, the deluxe model still weighs in at a very manageable 25 pounds.

4-Cycle Tillers

As with the 2-cycle line of tillers, Mantis offers two choices in 4-cycle tillers. The Mantis Deluxe 9″ 4-cycle tiller boasts all of the features of the deluxe 2-cycle model, as well as an ultra durable, easy to start 25 cubic centimeter, 4-cycle Honda engine. The weight is still light and manageable at 26 pounds, providing a great blend of power and maneuverability.

The Mantis XP 16″ 4-cycle tiller is the largest tiller available from Mantis. The XP model features a massive 16 inch tilling width paired with a powerful, reliable 35 cubic centimeter Honda engine. Although the XP lacks the additional features of the deluxe models, its power and relatively light weight of 34 pounds makes it easy to negotiate even the toughest tilling jobs with ease.

Electric Tillers

In addition to gasoline-powered engines, Mantis also offers a 9″ electric tiller. The electric tiller offers the same nine-inch tilling width and 240 r.p.m. as the gasoline-powered models, but instead uses a double-insulated 115-volt motor. Weighing in at a comfortable 21 pounds, the electric tiller also features push-button start and three speed settings.

Choosing The Right Tiller

When choosing a tiller, the first step is deciding between a 2-cycle engine, a 4-cycle engine or an electric motor. Each choice presents positives and negatives. The 2-cycle engine design is generally more affordable and also reduces the weight of the tiller without sacrificing power. However, 2-cycle engines require that oil be mixed with gasoline. In addition, 2-cycle engines generally produce more noise during operation than 4-cycle engines.

The 4-cycle engines are produced by Honda and are well-known for its durability and reliability. They also can produce more power, run more quietly during operation and don’t require a gasoline and oil mix. The 4-cycle design is somewhat heavier, however, and can be more costly than similar 2-cycle engines.

Electric motors are the quietest option while operating, and also offer the easiest engine start with a simple push-button design. They also require no fuel, produce less vibration and are very light. Electric motors require the use of an extension cord, however, which can impact the range and maneuverability of the tiller and make reaching certain areas more difficult.

The Mantis Difference

Regardless of the engine type, all Mantis tillers share a few key attributes. Each tiller offers reliability and power in an affordable, easy to use package. Mantis owners are consistently satisfied with their tillers. In fact, here’s what one customer had to say about his experience with Mantis tillers.

“I have had my Mantis for 12 years now and I get as much work out of it as I did the first year I got it. I love my Mantis. That little machine does more work than anyone can imagine. My garden is about 40′ by 25′ and the ground is very hard by my Mantis cuts right through all that stuff and mulches the ground so there is no lumps anywhere.”
James S. – Massachusetts

Whether it’s a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine, or even an electric motor, Mantis tillers provide the power and ease of use to save time and hard work on virtually any job. With great warranties, rugged construction and a range of add-ons, Mantis is the only choice.

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