Get Ready for Fall With a DIY Fire Pit

Ahhhh, nothing is better than spending long fall evenings enjoying a gorgeous sunset and cooler weather with friends and family in your backyard. Oh, wait! It could get better … if you had your very own fire pit.

Far from being an expensive option, DIY fire pits are actually quite affordable and a relatively easy project for anyone to complete. Check out our quick guide and you’ll be roasting marshmallows over your own backyard fire pit in no time.

Getting Set

These instructions are for a fire pit with a 3-foot interior diameter that sits about 2 feet tall, but you can modify the instructions to fit your needs. Sink a length of rebar in the center of your fire pit, then use a 2.5-foot string and some spray paint to mark a circle. Dig out the entire area about 6 inches deep, then mark a second circle 12 inches inside the first. This will be the walls of your fire pit. Mix concrete and lay it in the foundation area between the two circles and allow it to dry for 24 hours.

Raising the Walls

Once the foundation is dry, layer approximately 2 inches of mortar and then lay stones, working in small sections all the way around. Build the outer wall using natural stones, and use fire stones for the inner wall. As you go, fill in any gaps with wet mortar while scraping away the excess. Stagger seams to make the walls more stable and to provide a more finished look to your project.

Once you have your fire pit the height that you would like, add approximately an inch of mortar and then capstones to the top that will lie flat and give you an even surface around the circumference of the fire pit. And voila! You have your very own fire pit.

Need help pulling together tools for this project or any other fun DIY projects this fall? Contact Ralph Helm Inc. Lawn Equipment Center for all your home improvement needs. We have the name brand equipment that you need to make your life easier.

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