Getting Stadiums Ready to Host the Super Bowl

Getting Stadiums Ready to Host the Super Bowl

There is so much more that goes into preparing a football field for hosting the Super Bowl than simply tending to the grass. In the days and weeks leading up to the big game, the field must undergo myriad tests to ensure that it is game-worthy. The ultimate goal is for the field to be as close to pristine as possible so that it creates a fair and safe environment for both teams. The last thing anyone wants is for the results of the game to be affected or for their favorite player to be injured due to an unsuitable playing surface.

Brand New Sod

For over 25 years, the National Football League has had a policy that requires new sod to be installed on the Super Bowl field before the big game. This ensures that the turf is as fresh as possible so that it can provide the best conditions on game day. The sod is specially grown for this purpose and has been meticulously cared for in the months leading up to the game. It is brought to the field in strips rolled up like carpet for easy installation, which takes about two days to complete.

Testing for Hardness

Within the last 72 hours before the game, the field is tested for hardness at several key points around the field. Any areas that do not meet the league’s strict standards must be fixed and retested before the game can be played. This test is even applied to fields with synthetic turf, measuring the infill beneath it for the same hardness standards.

Mowing Every Day

Once the new sod has been fully installed at the host stadium, it is mowed nearly every day to keep it in top condition. On the day of the Super Bowl, the head groundskeeper for the host field has the honor of being the last person to mow the field before the game.

Give Your Lawn the Super Bowl Treatment

Even if your lawn is nowhere near the size of the Super Bowl field, you can still give it the same level of care. With high-quality lawn equipment from Ralph Helm Inc., your lawn will be the envy of all your neighbors. Visit one of our three Illinois locations, or browse through our lawn care products online.

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