Gift Ideas for the Landscaping Enthusiast in Your Life

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The holidays have come around again, and while your children dream of getting video game consoles, cellphone upgrades and the latest computer technology, your husband is dreaming of high-tech landscaping equipment. Good thing Ralph Helm Inc. is open all holiday season. We provide outdoor equipment the grounds keeper in your family can benefit from throughout the entire year. Here are some gift ideas for the landscaping enthusiast in your life.

Snow Blowers

Snow removal can consume quite a lot of time and energy. If your husband is spending a lot of time shoveling the driveway, think about getting him a snow blower this year.

Toro is an excellent brand that offers both electric and gas models. A great model to consider is the gas-powered, single-stage Toro Power Clear 721E. According to Consumer Reports, the Toro 721E has an impressive removal speed, is easy to handle and clears snow right down to the surface.

Mini Rototillers

This gift will please any gardener who looks forward to the spring thaw. Rototillers are not just for digging and planting. You can rid areas of crabgrass and other weeds, as well as break up tough sod and ground. Plus, you can create new flower beds, weed gently around existing plants or dig holes for new trees or shrubs.

The Mantis Tiller 7920 is one of the best. This 2-cycle machine has a sleek design with sure-grip handles, palm-controlled safety switch and infinite speed control. The tiller weighs only 20 pounds but packs a power equipment punch, making gardening easier than ever.

Lawn Mower

You will need to answer several questions in order to choose the right lawnmower gift. The main mower types are push, self-propelled, stand-on and tractor. Start with which one makes the most sense for your recipient. You should also consider the size of the yard and terrain, the recipient’s physical capabilities, and your budget.

There are countless features that come standard in today’s lawnmowers, including zero-turn radius, all-wheel drive, high-back seats, infinite drive speeds, cruise control and even cup holders. Toro lawnmowers have excellent reputations, making them a sure choice. You can’t go wrong with the Toro 159cc Premium OHV model. Operating at a low temperature and reduced noise, this self-propelled, rear-wheel drive mower can automatically modify speed according to your walking pace.

Leaf Blowers

Electric blowers have enough power to take care of all landscaping needs, especially within 100 feet of a power outlet. Plus, electric models are quieter than gas. Gas-powered models are more versatile in that they go anywhere you go, especially those with power backpacks that distribute the weight from the arms to the shoulders. Echo makes several models for you to consider, and any of them would be a good choice.

For more ideas on great holiday gifts for the man in your life, visit our website to see our complete selection of landscaping tools and equipment.

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