HANDY Magazine’s Sneak Peek Video on Cub Cadet RZT S

Handy Magazine recently released a sneak peek video that brought attention to the upcoming release of the exclusive Cub Cadet RZT S riding mower. Cub Cadet, a leader in the riding mower industry, has once again excelled with a groundbreaking approach to lawn management for yards of up to four acres. According to the video, the award-winning RZT S that was featured is scheduled to be available for purchase in the spring of 2012. 

Cub Cadet, a company that takes a pioneering approach to manufacturing, was already way ahead of the competition with its line of RZT, or Residential Zero Turn mower line. Now, with the addition of their patented Synchro Steer Technology® the bar has been raised even further. The new technology of the RZT S makes it possible to synchronize all four wheels for incredibly smooth and tight turning, optimal traction, flexibility and ease of use.

The video made it abundantly clear just how tightly the mower could make a turn as the driver gracefully maneuvered very closely to a small tree. It was so impressive, it gave the term “Zero Turning” a new dimension of meaning. The demonstration made evident the fact that this mower has superiority in handling and practicality on every level. It was also plain to see that no additional weedeating or trimming would be necessary when mowing with the RZT S.

One very attractive feature that the demonstrator pointed out was the advanced four wheel turning system of this high-end model, which makes it possible to maintain even the most elegant and obstacle-laden yard without digging up the ground like so many other models do. With all four wheels quickly responding to the direction and speed the mower is already going, the smart handling of this model provides excellent traction, increased overall stability and fluid movement.

The RZT S, with its award-winning technology is the only mower of its kind. It is scheduled to become available through authorized Cub Cadet Dealers in the spring of 2012. Boasting a heavy-duty, 12 gauge frame, this first-class mower is not only a delight to use, it is also built to last. The advanced, synchronized turning is made possible by a well-constructed steering wheel system combined with a hydrostatic transmission on each of the rear wheels and a solid front axle component. The operator control layout of the RZT S is user-friendly and in order to make this mower a one-size-fits all, the steering wheel column features a height adjustment capability. Not only does this improve the comfort level, it also provides the user with optimal control. If mowing a large lawn is on the to-do list, it will be a breeze, even in the hilly spots, because the synchronized steering and floating deck provide superior traction and handling.

The RZT S is designed to make lawn maintenance simpler as it smoothly adjusts to the contours of the ground. Even maintenance is minimized with the addition of the SmartJet deck wash system that blasts away caked-on grass trimmings and dirt that may have collected on the deck. The power of the RZT S to handle even challenging yards is made possible because it sports a powerful 25hp, twin V Kohler motor.

The innovative Cub Cadet RZT S mower will be available in just a few months, and at an astonishingly affordable price. This will make it an accessible and worthwhile investment for any homeowner who is looking for a solution to their lawn maintenance cares. The responsive, synchronized, four wheel steering and comfort-driven design make this award-winning riding mower one of the forerunners in the mower market. It is a highly attractive, powerful tool, built by a company known for excellence. It is no wonder then, that Handy Magazine was so eager to provide such a glowing report.

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