Have You Seen Toro’s New GrandStand® MULTI FORCE Stand-on Mower?

Even with the very best commercial mowing equipment, maintaining lawns for customers is still plenty of hard work. Equipment developers are constantly working to make their mowers as powerful and automated as possible so you can squeeze just one more trim job into each day. The 2016 GrandStand® MULTI FORCE stand-on mower from Toro combines all of the latest advancements in mowing technology for a piece of equipment that makes you money all year round.

The Power of a Faster GrandStand®

This model is far from Toro’s only standing deck mower, but none of the company’s other models move quite as quickly. With a top speed of 10 miles per hour, you can fly across large golf courses and other multi-acre properties. The Grand Stand platform is more than just your usual riding platform as well. The oversized design allows you to move around as necessary to reach the controls of the mower, then it folds up when you’re done to reduce the amount of space needed for storing this model. It also boosts you high enough to keep a clear view of what’s ahead for reduced damage to the mower and the property you’re trimming.

Made to Fit

Despite having a whopping 26.5 horsepower packed into its reliable Kohler engine, it also boasts a smaller footprint than most other commercial models. This means it’s easier than ever to fit it on a crowded work trailer as well. A simplified exterior reduces the numbers of hoses, electrical wiring, and other objects mounted on the outside of the mower. This means you’ll spend a lot less time trying to figure out why your mower won’t start when something gets disconnected in the loading and unloading process.

Works All Year Round

If you need even more of a reason to buy the GrandStand® MULTI FORCE, this beauty can work for you all year round. The change in the seasons is no match for the GrandStand® — attachments can quickly take this machine from lawn mower to leaf blower to snow plow. So don’t think you have to wait to buy one until spring rolls back around. The BOSS® snow plow attachment makes clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways a breeze. The Power Arm on the GrandStand® can lift more than 18 inches, so you won’t have to worry about pushing snow up and over the curb.

Interested in expanding your lawn care business with the help of the Toro GrandStand® MULTI FORCE? Get in touch with us here at Ralph Helm Inc. Lawn Equipment Center for all the details on ordering your very own.

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