Hearing Loss: How Basic Lawn Mowing Chores Should Be Left To Professionals

It seems that almost everyone has heard of hearing loss through listening to loud music; the age of MP3 players and ear buds has even escalated the issue to be highlighted in local high school newspapers, such as The Lance from Linganore High School. So, listeners respond by turning the volume down. However, what about lawn mower noise? Does anyone usually wonder about the effect of that incredibly loud noise on a day-to-day basis? In fact, it is quite possible to lose a substantial amount of hearing by simply mowing the lawn.

Hearing occurs through sound waves entering the ear canal; the sound passes across the eardrum, middle ear, and into the inner ear. Tiny hair cells vibrate deep within the inner ear which directly communicates with the auditory nerves. Excessive noise above 85 decibels, such as a lawn mower, can slowly damage the hair cells. As a result, hearing loss occurs. Unfortunately, these hair cells cannot be regenerated.

What are the best ways to prevent hearing loss from loud lawn mowing machines? One of the best forms of protection is covering the ears. Specialized earmuffs will cover the entire ear, effectively muting the damaging incoming sounds. Alternatively, earplugs made of foam, or other alternative materials, can be gently placed within the ear canal for even more muting power. Many of these ear coverings will have a specified decibel rating; consumers should make sure that the covering is rated for the lawn mower’s maximum decibel level.

Sometimes, hearing loss can be extremely slow over time that the person may not notice it is occurring. Anyone near activated lawn mowing equipment on a regular basis should have hearing tests with a qualified medical professional; even if the hearing loss is slight, the doctor can let the person know the extent of the damage so that it does not become worse.

For example, if a person, that works with a group of colleagues near a loud machine, develops hearing loss, he or she can notify the others about the issue so that no one else develops problems. As a group, the one person that is medically evaluated can help everyone else before their hearing is compromised.

One of the best ways of preventing hearing loss is avoiding loud noises, such as lawn mowers. However, the grass will still need to be cut; this situation calls for a professional landscaping company. Hiring professionals to care for the lawn will prevent average people from losing their hearing from weekly personal chores.

Aside from preserving the hearing, there are many benefits to hiring a professional lawn care team. Many landscaping professionals have attended school to specifically study the best ways to nurture and grow a lawn; the average person normally does not have enough time in the day to analyze their lawn’s needs. As a result, the landscaper will take even better care of the grass besides the basic cutting chore.

Fertilizing a lawn can be an extremely frustrating chore; the average homeowner does not have the experience of knowing the correct mixture for the type of grass involved. As a result, people can over fertilize and actually damage their lawns. Landscaping professionals will have the know-how for each grass type, as well as the proper fertilizer ratios. In the end, the landscaper will keep a lawn fresh and lush for many years.

Does the lawn have annoying pests? Homeowners will spend a lot of money on pesticides to rid the area of damaging grass pests; but, many people will spray the wrong amounts or the incorrect chemical. Lawns can suffer greatly from improperly applied pesticides, as well as the water that flows across the grass. Groundwater can easily become contaminated as it rolls along the soil, especially after a rainfall. Municipal waste water can have a lot of pesticides that must be removed before the water can be used for irrigation or other uses. This scenario can result in a very expensive water bill for the entire community. However, hiring a professional landscaper will remove this problem for the common homeowner; the correct pesticides and the proper amounts can be quantified before application to prevent any environmental damage.

Lawn care professionals are trained to serve the homeowner’s needs. Well respected companies will have a good word of mouth in the community, as well as a proper license. If a homeowner interviews a landscaper, he or she should ask the homeowner about the most important needs of the property. A good company will listen to the customer and try to integrate any special needs into the servicing contract.

Above all, hiring a professional lawn care company is a smart alternative for almost every homeowner. Hearing issues will not arise since the homeowner, and his or her family, will not be near the loud machines. As a result, the lawn will look and feel lush for many years to come.

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