Honda EU100i vs. EU2000i: Battle of the Compact Models

Honda EU2000IHonda’s generators are truly versatile, with entry-level models that weigh just 30 pounds to seriously large generators that are right at home in commercial and industrial settings. For average homeowners and those who need a portable generator for recreational uses, the company’s EU series is probably the best fit. Generators in this series are very small, able to be carried around the home using a built-in handle and relatively little effort. Their output is similarly small, but large enough to be useful for consumer electronics, mid-range appliances, and more. Best of all, the EU series is affordable and built to last.

The company’s EU1000i and EU2000i are the most common models purchased by consumers in search of a compact power source. Each model comes with its own features and benefits, and each will be perfect for a different type of buyer or a different type of usage overall.

Features of Honda’s Compact EU Series Generators

Generators have a reputation for being a bit loud and unwieldy, which might explain why consumers are so surprised by the EU series of generators sold by Honda. Both the EU1000i and the EU2000i deliver ultra-quiet operation for hours at a time. In fact, Honda proudly advertises that both models operate at a level that is much quieter than typical conversation. That’s a major feat, and it’s a feature that will be welcomed by homeowners who don’t want to keep the neighborhood up at night when use of the generator is required.

Both generators come with AC and DC outlets, making them versatile enough to handle most major appliances and other needs around the home. They’re also highly portable, with both models featuring a built-in handle for easy mobility around the home or in outdoor environments.

Honda’s EU1000i series comes with the ability to offer “parallel capacity” power generation. Essentially, this involves combining forces with another EU1000i generator to provide double the wattage. Notably, the wattage increases to 2,000 watts. That’s the same amount of power offered by the slightly larger EU2000i model.

The Specs: A Look at How Each Generator Lights Up the Home

Honda’s EU 1000i generator produces up to 1,000 watts of power using 120V current. This is standard for generators in this class. A single gallon of fuel will allow the generator to provide continuous power to electronics and smaller appliances for up to 8.3 hours, easily outlasting much of the competition. During its 8.3 hours of continuous operation, an included inverter keeps power stable enough to charge laptops, tablets, and smartphones, all without power fluctuations that might otherwise damage the equipment. At a rated weight of just below 29 pounds, the EU1000i is easily Honda’s most portable model currently available.

The slightly larger E2000i is no monstrosity, however. The larger of the two generators weighs in at less than 50 pounds, and it comes with its own attached handle for easily transportation around the home and to wherever it is needed the most. Honda’s EU2000i generator doubles the 120V power offered by the smaller EU1000i, offering 2,000 watts of continuous power. Furthermore, its larger engine is enhanced by greater efficiency and allows for more than 9 hours of continuous operation on a single gallon of gasoline. The larger EU2000i also comes with its own, built-in inverter, which will preserve electronics during recharging cycles.

A Perfect Match: Where the Two Generators Excel for Consumers

The EU1000i’s 1,000 watts of 120V power makes the generator perfect for charging laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The generator is also perfect for powering a ceiling fan, or keeping a few of the home’s lights on after a particularly severe storm has knocked out power to the neighborhood. Honda advises that the generator be used only with smaller appliances and power tools, however, due to its more limited output when compared to the competing EU2000i model.

The EU2000i does provide quite a bit more flexibility to the average consumer. In addition to charging small electronics, keeping the lights on, and running small appliances, the larger generator can power things like window-mounted air conditioning units, home refrigerators, and other mid-size appliances that might be just a bit too much for the generator’s smaller cousin to handle. This makes the EU2000i a great fit for those looking to survive a power outage without sacrificing comfort, lighting, or their perishable items.

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