Honda HRX Series Lawnmowers

Honda is a name many people have come to equate with quality craftsmanship and reliability. Honda engines are not only reliable, quiet, and fuel efficient, but also meet or exceed emissions standards in all 50 states. Honda uses high quality materials and master engineering in everything it builds. Therefore, a Honda HRX Series residential lawnmower is sure to live up to the Honda reputation. All HRX models have an exclusive NeXite deck design that comes with a lifetime warranty. It is constructed of a lightweight, durable polymer material designed to resist dents, rust, and corrosion. The mowers themselves are guaranteed for 5 years.



Honda’s HRX Series Lawnmowers have innovative features, such as twin blade mowing systems, and the trademarked Versamow system. Honda HRX Series twin blade mowing systems cut the grass into smaller pieces, producing a smoother lawn, better mulching performance, and allowing for more grass to be stored in the bag. With the ability to store more grass in the bag, you save time and energy by not having to empty the bag as often.

The Versamow system boasts 4-in-1 versatility in mowing. This means you can choose from mulching, bagging, rear discharge, or leaf shredding simply by adjusting a knob. No tools or attachments are necessary to adjust how much grass is bagged and how much is mulched, and it’s possible to do both at the same time. This is handy during heavy growing seasons and is great for your lawn and for the environment. To shred leaves, adjust the knob one or two notches from the mulching positions and leaves are recirculated and recut until they are small enough to pass into the bag.


Other Features

Honda’s HRX mowers come with either a Cruise Control hydrostatic transmission or Smart Drive Speed Control. A cruise control hydrostatic transmission allows you to set a speed that is comfortable for you and suitable to the mowing conditions. The speed control is on the handlebar and once a maximum speed is set, the clutch can be used to adjust the speed from zero to the preset maximum. The maximum speed is saved, just as in a car with cruise control, so if you need to slow down or stop you can easily return to your preset speed. Smart Drive Speed Control, featured on the HRX217VKA model, allows you to adjust your speed while your hands are on the handlebar.


Customer Impressions

Honda HRX series lawnmowers seem to make a good impression from start to finish. Consumers who have tried the Honda mower consistently say that start up is easy. The quality and durability of these mowers leaves a good impression with most buyers, as does the uniform appearance of their lawns when they’re done mowing.

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