Honda HS724 Snowblower Overview

Honda HS 724Homeowners hoping to tackle an onslaught of snow and ice throughout the winter season have no shortage of options available to them. From single-stage models to two-stage alternatives, numerous manufacturers actively compete for market share in this crowded industry.

Honda stands out as one of the biggest competitors, with its HS line of snowblowers designed to utilize two-stage operation and blast through even the heaviest snow or thickest ice after a storm as subsided. In particular, the HS724 comes with an innovative set of features backed by a unique auger, a powerful engine, and a commitment to real durability during routine use. A Look at the HS724’s Most Compelling Features

The great thing about Honda is that the company has long believed in manufacturing not only its own power equipment, but also its own engines to power each piece of equipment sold to consumers. For this reason, both available models sold with the HS724 label come with a Honda GX200 OHV engine that is actually fine-tuned for this particular piece of equipment. That means snowblower owners will experience more efficient use of fuel, more ergonomic operation, and easier clearing of even the deepest accumulations, than they would with a competing model that utilized another company’s engine.

The HS724 comes with a lightning fast impeller that has been designed specifically to throw snow farther away from the equipment than other models allow. This means that cleared snow generally coats the ground more easily after it has been ejected from the snowblower, reducing large drifts of icy material and allowing for more uniform melting and snowpack as the season carries on.

Depending on the model purchased, consumers can expect the powerful auger to clear between 46 and 50 tons of snow per hour. That’s impressive on its own, but the auger’s unique, serrated design also allows it to cut through icy and heavier snowpack rather than sliding on top of icier areas. This means operators will be able to cut right through to the ground on their first pass, especially if the snow is light or moderate in overall accumulation.

Control levers and other adjustments can be made to raise the auger based on accumulation depth. Furthermore, operators can easily manipulate the snow deflection chute to disperse snow to either the left or right, based on the configuration of their walkways and other outdoor areas.

Specification List: Sizing Up the HS724 \

Both of the available HS724 models come with a Honda GX200 OHV engine rated at 196cc, making it one of the mower powerful engines paired with a two-stage snowblower. Because that engine is manufactured by Honda itself, operators will find that it just seems to be a bit smoother during routine use.

The engine is paired with an infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission, further enhancing the smoothness of the equipment. A 0.92-gallon fuel tank allows the HS724 to run for quite a long period of time before requiring refueling, especially considering the rate of tons-per-hour offered to buyers. At the low end of the spectrum, the company’s HS724WA can clear 46 tons of snow per hour; an upgraded HS724TA can clear as much as 50 tons of snow per hour using the same engine and transmission.

Both available models offer a total clearing width of 24 inches, which is easily near the high end for two-stage snowblowers. The HS724WA offers a 20.1-inch clearing height, while its counterpart offers a total clearing height of 16.5 inches. When discharged, both snowblowers can throw snow up to 46 feet away from where the equipment currently stands. The HS724WA snowblower comes in at about 203 pounds when dry, while the HS724TA alternative is rated at a slightly lower weight of 198 pounds when dry.

Both snowblowers are substantial, but their weight is actually pretty reasonable when matched against their ability to clear a substantial amount of snow very quickly.

Accessories for the Honda HS724

For homeowners who think they might need to venture out in the evening to clear snow after a storm has just passed through the area, both HS724 models can be paired with an optional light kit that will illuminate outdoor areas for easier work. This kit attaches easily, with just a few moments of work before clearing snow.

Homeowners in areas that routinely get buried with heavier accumulations might want to check out Honda’s optional “drift breaker” kit. The attachment actually clips on to the snowblower and allows it to power through large, wind-blown piles of snow that might be otherwise impossible to tackle with the unaltered HS724 size and clearing height.

Where to Buy Honda Snowblowers and Replacement Parts

Whether it’s a new snowblower, an exciting accessory, or an OEM replacement part designed to keep the snowblower running in like-new condition, buyers will find it at With a great selection of new snowblowers and an extensive assortment of Honda parts, great maintenance and easier snow clearing is just a few clicks away. If you are in the 60012, 60014, 60039 area codes in Crystal Lake Ill., come visit us at Ralph Helm Inc.

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