Honda Snow Blowers Get Modern Makeover, New Features

Honda HS 724With the early morning cool air moving in and the leaves starting to change color, there’s no use denying winter will soon be here. If you’re expecting heavy snowfall this year, it might be a good idea to invest in a Honda Snow Blower.

Honda Snow Blowers

Honda updated its snow blowers with more features, increased performance and quality assurance checks. Using the latest technology for controls and electronic starts, the snow blowers have been completely modernized. Improved features include:

  • A better engineered chute deflector that shoots snow farther
  • A chamfered scraper that takes snow down to the sidewalk
  • Electric snow blowers have DC electric start
  • Joystick chute control
  • LED headlight

It’s All About the Auger

Snow becomes scooped according to the speed and size of the auger. Honda has taken the auger to new heights of ingenuity by adding a height control level. Synched in with the improved track drive with the press of your thumb, the auger housing can become adjusted. Raising the auger helps deal with uneven surfaces and an ice breaking auger gets at heavily packed snow.

Ice breaking augers come on the two stage snow blowers. These augers have a bit more power and speed plus a serrated edge. The serrations are deep to put a bite in piled snow.

Other Great Features

Honda snow blowers in the two stage model come with the GX commercial engine and hydrostatic drive. A super-duty bronze gear sits on the chute rotation rod and a large ball bearing sits on the PTO engine portion. The gears come helical cut style.

Choosing the Right Model For You

With so many great Honda Snow Blowers to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? First and foremost the right snow blower for the job helps. All snow blowers will do concrete and asphalt surfaces, but two stage snow blowers can also handle gravel and mixed surfaces. Adjustable auger housing is best of commercial flat roofs which will collapse if snow is not periodically removed.

Still not sure which one you need? Contact Ralph Helm Inc. today and we can help walk you through what features will be most beneficial for your job.

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