Honda Snowblower Buyers Guide

Honda HS621 SnowblowerHonda’s range of quality snowblowers makes it easier to get through any winter season – be it a normal, snowy winter, or a harsh jet-stream driven winter. Their wide range of residential and commercial models are engineered to satisfy all users requirements.

Choosing the right snowblower for your needs can be challenging – the following article is a guide to get you started choosing the best Honda Power Equipment Snowblower for home, business or organization use.

Match The Features and Capabilities To The Job Requirements

Honda offers single-stage and two-stage gasoline powered snowblowers that efficiently removes snow and ice from paved or gravel surfaces.

  • Single-stage
    Honda’s single-stage blowers are best for clearing small to midsize areas with 8 or less inches of snow. They are compact, lighter and easy to handle. The snow is discharged directly out of the chute by the auger. While the wheels aren’t engine-driven, their augers make contact with the ground that creates a semi-self propelled action. They can clear up to 55 tons per hour. The large clearing area is 20 inches wide by 12 inches high. A choice of either a recoil or 120-Volt AC electric starter is available.
  • Two-stage
    The more powerful two-stage blowers, are designed for clearing larger paved areas, and where the terrain may be uneven and/or gravel covered. They are capable of handling snow in excess of 8 inches. They can discharge, even heavy snow, further and faster than single-stage because of the high-speed impeller positioned behind the auger.To reduce operator fatigue, two-stage models have either large rear wheels or tracks that are engine-driven. They power the blower through uneven terrain and compacted snow and ice. Track drive models have superior traction under the most challenging snow conditions. They grip the ground firmly to allow the unit to easily handle difficult inclines. Track drive models are preferable for clearing hard packed snow on commercial flat top roofs and on the ground. Depending on the model, two-staged blowers can clear from 46.3 to 83 tons per hour. The clearing widths range from 24 to 36.2 inches and clearing heights from 20 to 22.8 inches. A choice of either a recoil or 120-Volt AC electric starter is available.

Review The Honda Snowblower Models

There are eleven Honda snowblower models to tackle every residential and commercial snow removal requirements.

Depending on the model, Honda snowblowers can be configured with the following industry leading features:

  •  Powered by Honda’s legendary engines – easy start, quiet, clean and powerful 4-stroke OHC residential or commercial engines.
  • Track or wheel driven operation – No slipping, no sliding, even on steep driveways and steps.
  • Hydrostatic transmission – delivers smooth, simple handling and operation
  •  Ice breaking serrated augers – easily breaks through hard packed and heavily crusted snow.
  •  Dealer support and service – comprehensive warranties and extensive dealer support

The HS520A (with recoil starter) and HS520AS (with 120-Volt electric starter) are single-staged models and are light and maneuverable. It’s designed to be used in paved, small to medium sized areas. They are compact but capable of clearing up to 50 tons per hour. The semi-self propelled auger drive reduces operator fatigue. They offer a 2 year residential warranty.

The HS724WA (wheel driven) and HS724TA (track driven) two-stage blowers are engineered to comfortably accomplish almost any demanding snow removal task. These mid-size models offer a 3 year warranty, an easy starting and energy efficient 4-stroke Honda OCH engine, 24 inch clearing width and an industry exclusive self propelled, hydrostatic transmission.

The HS928 and HS1332 two-stage snowblowers are powerful, professional grade models suited for large scale residential or commercial use. These models have a 3 year warranty, 32 inch clearing width, 20 inch clearing height and can clear up to 65 tons per hour.

The HS1336iAS is Honda’s most powerful model intended for commercial applications. It has a 3 year warranty, 36.2 inch clearing width, 22.8 inch clearing height and can clear up to 83 tons per hour.

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