How to Care for a Golf Course Green

Having a perfect lawn on your private property or on the golf course green requires extra care and maintenance. Beginning with the type of grass seed, you must select a type of grass seed that tolerates short mowing, and a certain amount of traffic. There are three types of favorite grass seeds that were once used exclusively for golf course greens, recently becoming very popular with homeowners seeking a pristine signature lawn for their homes. 

Agrostis stolonifera, or Bent Grass lawns are preferred because their turf is carpet-like. Colonial, Creeping, and Velvet types of Bent Grasses have varying tolerances to climate, depth of color, salty soil tolerance, and they are ideal in texture. In the Northern parts of the USA, you can get Bent Grass in the form of grass seed or sod. These varieties like a cooler and moist climate so they need a good amount of heavy watering without flooding. Creeping Bent Grass is also used on athletic fields because its creeping stolons and shallow root systems stays beautifully green even under heavy traffic.

Velvet Bent Grass is a finely textured variety of Bent Grass. It has been the most popular in the US since Colonial Times. This seed was shipped here from Europe to reproduce the extraordinary garden lawns of spectacular properties of the elite in the motherland. Colonial Bent Grass is a species of the same family but grows taller, and is just as dense as very fine as other species of Bent grasses. Most species of golf club  greens grow dormant if the climate becomes too hot or too cold. Golf course lawn care specialists have learned techniques to overseed the greens with a hardier grass seed like Bermuda Grass during the climate changes that cause related dormancy of the primary lawn species. Overseeding with different seed mixes makes the Golf Courses green all year long. Homeowners can take their cue from these experts by overseeding and using a mix of seeds so the will enjoy their deep green lawns all season long.

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