How to Change the Blade on Your Troy-Bilt Riding Mower

Troy-Bilt Riding MowerAs warmer weather begins to replace the blustery winds of winter, many homeowners find themselves conducting seasonal mower maintenance to ensure that their lawns will look perfect throughout spring, summer and fall. A key repair that sometimes needs to be made involves replacing the mower blade on a Troy-Bilt mower. This process is a great way to make sure that a mower performs in like-new condition, and it’s actually pretty easy to perform. By following a few precautions and proceeding step-by-step, customers will have a like-new Troy-Bilt riding mower in no time.

Playing it Safe: Be Sure to Follow a Few Precautions

Replacing a lawn mower blade is generally pretty easy compared to other maintenance tasks, but it’s still one that should require the strictest adherence to safety and caution. For that reason, homeowners should always make sure that the mower has been off for a long period of time, largely so that the engine is not hot. A hot engine can lead to serious burns and other problems.

Likewise, it’s a good idea to disconnect the spark plug wire that allows the mower to turn on in the first place. This will guard against unexpected and unwanted starts, which could result in very serious injury to customers. That is especially true if the mower starts and the blade begins to spin during replacement. The parking break should be on, and the PTO should be disengaged so that the mower doesn’t accidentally move during the repair.

A Step-by-Step Approach to Mower Blade Replacement

Step 1: Prepare the Mower for Repair

In addition to the precautions taken above, adjust the deck so that it is in its highest position off the ground. Place the mower on blocks so that the blade can be accessed.

Step 2: Remove the Belt and Bow-Tie Clip

Remove the self-tapping screw that attaches the belt to the belt pulley, and then remove the belt from the engine pulley. There is a belt on each side of the mower, and both need to be removed. Next, remove the bow-tie clip from the PTO.

Step 3: Remove the Mower Deck

Troy-Bilt riding mower owners should now be free to slowly slide the mower deck out from underneath the equipment. Turning it over will expose the mower blade or blades that need to be replaced as part of this process.

Step 4: Remove the Mower Blade

While wearing gloves and using the Arnold Blade Removal Tool, secure the blade and then remove the bolt that holds it in place underneath the deck. Set the old blade aside.

Step 5: Attach the New Blade

Assemble the new mower blades underneath the deck, and tighten the securing bolt to the proper torque as indicated in the user manual. Following the installation of this new blade, remove the Arnold Blade Removal Tool.

Step 6: Reassemble the Mower

Follow the first steps of this tutorial to reassemble the mower: Turn the deck over, slide it under the mower, reattach the deck and make sure that all belts are secured to the underside of the mower on both sides of the blade.

Make Sure to Have the Right Parts Available for the Replacement

As indicated in the blade replacement steps above, the Arnold Blade Removal Tool will need to be utilized in order to both remove the old blade and assemble the new blade within the underside of the mower deck. This tool is a key way to speed through the process efficiently and accurately. In addition to the Arnold Blade Removal Tool, Troy-Bilt riding mower owners will need to make sure that they’re in possession of new mower blades.

Generally, it’s a good idea for equipment owners always to buy OEM replacement parts. These parts allow for the highest-quality blades to be used by the mower as Troy-Bilt itself subjects those blades to quality assurance in its factories. Furthermore, OEM blades are guaranteed to be compatible with the mower for which they are purchased.

Choose Ralph Helm Inc. for a Wide Selection of Replacement Parts

The process of finding OEM replacement parts for Troy-Bilt mowers can be a bit vexing for new equipment owners, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Ralph Helm Inc., which has been a key part of the power equipment industry for decade, currently operates two locations where customers can easily find a large selection of OEM Troy-Bilt parts necessary for blade replacement and other seasonal maintenance.

Ralph Helm Inc. is also an authorized dealer of Troy-Bilt power equipment. That means customers will have access to knowledgeable professionals who can help them complete a blade repair or other regular maintenance. Best of all, it means that the company’s large selection of OEM parts will be sold by people who actually know how to use them in a given riding mower.


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