How To Go Green With Outdoor Power Equipment

Individuals or companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint can go green by utilizing environmentally friendly outdoor power equipment. There are multiple alternative uses for standard outdoor power equipment that will allow you to maintain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing lawn while also taking steps to help reduce your own personal impact on the environment. The best part is that not only will you be going green but you’ll also be able to save yourself some green in the process.

Gasoline is not only increasingly expensive but it is also one of the most environmentally damaging products being used on a daily basis. To help assuage both of these issues, manufacturers have begun producing a wide variety of outdoor power equipment that requires little to no gasoline to operate. Studies show that the fumes produced by gasoline usage are among the top contributors to environmental issues. Air pollution impacts not only the air, but also soil and water. Several studies have linked air, water and soil pollution to lower IQ’s and the dwindling quantity of fresh water resources. Reducing your gasoline usage, even if only in your outdoor power equipment, will have a positive impact on the Earth.

Products currently available that can help wean people off of their dependence on gasoline include battery operated lawn mowers and trimmers as well as electric chainsaws and leaf blowers. While some of these products may initially come in with a higher price tag than their more conventional alternatives, the money saved in operating and maintaining them will amount to a discount in the long run. Individuals and companies who have already committed to going green are used to dealing with higher initial costs, but if you’re new to the concept of reducing your carbon footprint be sure to analyze the long term cost benefits before giving into the knee jerk reaction of sticker shock.

Market research indicates that these green alternatives to lawn care operate as well as their gasoline powered competition and retail stores are seeing an increase in consumer demand. Consumer and industry expert reviews have only revealed one potential negative aspect to this relatively new line of products; handheld equipment has a tendency to be a bit heavier than gasoline powered alternatives, due to the necessity for batteries. Although this point has been brought up by multiple reviewers, it is generally not listed as a cause for not recommending the products to consumers. In fact, those who are interested in improving their own personal health along with the health of the environment may find using these slightly heavier tools to be a nice way to increase the health benefits of doing lawn work. If weight is a concern for you, however, stay tuned as manufacturers are certain to develop new technology in the future that will reduce the weight of the handheld products.

Those with a reluctance to make the switch to completely gas free equipment, either due to weight or initial cost concerns, may find a viable eco-friendly option among equipment which is powered by alternative fuels. As with the increasingly popular hybrid automobiles, hybrid outdoor power equipment delivers a similar level of power to their all gasoline powered competitors, but they require a much smaller amount of fuel to handle the same tasks. Hydrogen power is quickly becoming the most popular alternative fuel source for these hybrids and equipment utilizing hydrogen power is currently being put to work at sports fields and state parks across the country. In addition to increased productivity, hybrids tend to operate with much less noise, making them a very nice option to replace traditionally noisy lawn equipment such as lawnmowers and leaf blowers. Hybrid outdoor power equipment, whether it is powered by gasoline, hydrogen power or another alternative fuel, will also have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of gas emissions.

Outdoor power equipment designed to be more eco-friendly is not limited to the summer season; although the production has been slower than summer time equipment, battery operated and electric snow blowers, and other winter appropriate equipment, have been available since 2009.

In addition to the long term price savings and the overall environmental impact, consider also your own personal health when making your next outdoor power equipment purchase. After all, if air pollution has the ability to impact weather conditions and to lower IQ’s, consider what other impacts it may be having on your health on a daily basis. Although there is little that each individual can do to drastically reduce their exposure to air pollution, there is no reason to continuously and willingly add to the problem through every aspect of your life. When your current outdoor power equipment has lost its usefulness, consider replacing it with more environmentally conscious alternatives. Your pocketbook, and your lungs, will thank you.

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