How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Healthy

Everyone loves a healthy lawn. Surprisingly, a healthy lawn is not that difficult to obtain. By following a few simple suggestions and acquiring a few tools, such as trimmers and other lawn equipment, your lawn can be picture perfect all summer long.

Select a Grass

Whether you are growing a new lawn or revitalizing your existing one, you need to decide what type of grass you want. Grass is a plant, so when deciding on grass, approach it the same as you would a plant. If you like the look and know you can take care of it, then you have found the grass that is right for your lawn.

Lawns generally include a combination of different types of grass seeds. Choosing a grass mixture for your lawn’s conditions is critical. You have to know if your soil is wet or dry. If you chose grass that thrives in dry soil and you have wet soil, the grass will not survive. It is generally very easy to tell if your soil is wet by the puddles, mud, or flooded areas. To correct this problem, you will need to dig out that section of grass, then use a product such as lime or topsoil and a compost mixture to dry the soil out before you begin planting the grass seeds or sod.

Caring for Your Lawn

Grass loves water, but don’t overwater the grass. New lawns need more water than established ones, but too much water is dangerous to the lawn’s health. Overwatering makes the top layer of the soil wet, allowing the grass to develop frail, shallow roots. You should be able to tell how much water your lawn needs by the amount of rainfall and the color of the grass (brown needs water; bright green does not need water).

Feeding and Weeding Your Lawn

Your lawn needs to be fed; however, over-fertilizing can be as bad as overwatering. Too much fertilizer will leave the grass top heavy and weak, which will make the grass an ideal target for insects and disease. Only fertilize your lawn if a soil test shows a deficiency. Only fertilize your lawn in the fall and spring during the growth spurts. Grass clippings are the best type of fertilizer.

Weeds can be another issue for your lawn. You can pull the weeds out by hand or use trimmers to help keep them under control. Oftentimes, weeds need to be killed with a chemical solution.

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