How to Operate a Troy-Bilt TB 672 Jet Sweep Leaf Blower

TB 672 Leaf BlowerThe great thing about Troy-Bilt’s TV 672 Jet Sweep leaf blower is that it ditches the backpack-style leaf blowers, and their handheld counterparts, for one that is actually easier to use by pushing it along the lawn. This walk behind design removes heavy lifting from the equation while offering superior power and force, making it a breeze to clean up even larger lawns with just a few passes of the equipment. Operating this walk behind model is appropriately easy as well, with just a few warnings and guidelines to follow when assembling, starting, and using the equipment throughout the fall and into winter.

Always Keep Safety First When Operating the Leaf Blower

To ensure safe assembly and operation of the TB 672 Jet Sweep leaf blower, be sure to follow a few basic safety guidelines whenever the equipment is in use:

– Make sure that only the operator is outdoors when the leaf blower is turned on, as this will reduce the risk of injury to others via debris, dust, and other factors.

– Perform any maintenance on the equipment in an open area, and only start the leaf blower outdoors and away from enclosed spaces.

– Never operate the equipment without all guards, chutes, and safety mechanisms in place. Failing to follow this guideline can result in significant injury to the operator and property around the home in some cases.

Assembly and Setup: A Quick Process for New Buyers

Troy-Bilt couldn’t make it any easier to get the Jet Sweep leaf blower assembled and put into action. Upon first taking the equipment out of its original box, simply use the included brackets and hardware to attach the upper handle to the main engine and blower segment of the equipment. With the handle securely locked into place, the blower chute can be attached, providing a more precise burst of wind as the equipment is operated in several passes across the lawn.

Of course, the equipment will need to be properly filled with oil and fuel in order for it to run smoothly and safely. Be sure to follow the equipment’s instructions when adding 10W30 oil and filling the Jet Sweep’s 3-quart fuel tank prior to use. Remember always to perform both of these procedures with a cool engine, even if it’s not the equipment’s first time around the lawn.

Controls: Getting the Hang of Things with the Jet Sweep

Because the Jet Sweep was designed to be simple from start to finish, there really aren’t many controls or options to speak of when preparing the equipment for work. Generally, the three main components of the TB 672 can be summed up into three segments.

The Engine

Troy-Bilt’s leaf blowers each come with engines created by one of several different manufacturers, so it’s hard to say which engine and which procedure applies to this particular leaf blower. Each model comes with an engine manual, which is the best place to check when it comes to starting the equipment for the first time, scheduling oil changes or placing the leaf blower into storage.

Discharge Chute

The discharge chute is installed on the left side of the equipment and is used to narrow the air channel and direct it more precisely toward objects in the lawn. This piece of equipment is installed during the initial setup procedure and generally requires little to no maintenance unless it is somehow damaged during use.

Blower Direction Lever

The blower direction lever can be moved either up or down, controlling air and other parts of the process based on which way the equipment is moving, the terrain, and several other factors.

Engine Matters: Starting and Stopping the Blower

Starting the blower is generally pretty easy, but the specific procedure does depend on the actual engine manufacturer associated with a given model. To learn more about the proper starting and stopping procedures, be sure to consult the engine manual that came with the equipment at the time of purchase.

Adjusting the Blower Direction for Better Results

The blower generally requires the direction lever to be set in the middle, especially when using the chute attachment. Without that attachment, however, it’s possible to change the blower direction by adjusting the blower direction lever either up or down. Simply pull the lever out and around the locking mechanism, and then adjust it left for downward airflow or move it to the right to switch the blower’s airflow into an upward direction.

To Learn More or Find Replacement Parts, Visit

Consumers looking to make things easier on themselves during fall should consider the Troy-Bilt TB 672 leaf blower as a solid alternative to backpack or handheld models. With easy assembly, ignition, and operation, it’s easily the most effective way to get the job done without spending a full day’s energy. When the time comes to purchase a blower or find OEM replacement parts needed during regular maintenance, be sure to visit Ralph Helm Inc.’s website for the best parts lookup tools and maintenance information online.

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