How to Plan Your Spring Landscaping Projects

It’s never too early to start thinking about spring and your upcoming landscaping projects. If this is the year you have some big projects up your sleeve, start working on the plans now before the snow melts. Once all of the planning has finished and the snow melts away, you can get an early jump over others in your neighborhood. Remember, landscapers may be booked weeks, if not months in advance. Get with a professional today to determine the areas that need the most work.

Develop a Plan

What do you want your landscape to look like? Write down all of the areas that you wish to work on yourself and each area that you intend to hire a landscaper to cover. Projects that require paving or stonework will need to wait until the ground is no longer frozen. Those jobs can be planned out and ready-to-go when the weather clears.

Plan for Maintenance

Think about how much maintenance you will need to do once the project is finished. Watering vegetation, pulling weeds and replacing dead plants can be time-consuming. Consider using low maintenance plants and shrubs. Depending on your location, you may want to use plants that can endure heavy sunlight in hotter climates and greenery that can last through harsh winters in colder areas.

Create a Design

Sometimes it is hard to describe to others what your vision looks like. Using modern landscaping software can help you convey your ideas easier. There will be little-to-no guesswork because the landscaper will know exactly what you are thinking.

Start the Work

Hire a licensed landscaping company that understands your needs and can get the job done in a timely and professional manner. Take time and do tons of research before you get started on your spring landscaping project. When your plans begin to take shape you will feel confident with the look you have created.

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