How to Properly Cut and Trim Your Hedges

Hedge cutting and trimming is hard work but exceptionally rewarding. Before you start your hedge cutting and trimming, make sure you take your hedge trimmers and lawn equipment to Ralph Helm Inc., for maintenance and any necessary small-engine repair that may need to be done.

Cutting Your Hedges

  • If your hedges are overgrown, it is time to cut the overgrowth of vegetation. Once the hedge is the desired size, you can use your trimmers or other pieces of appropriate lawn equipment to shape the hedges.
  • Always cut your hedges in the spring, before the leaves start to appear.
  • Cut or trim any dead branches and remove broken branches.
  • Cut your hedge all the way to the base.
  • Based on how thick and healthy the hedge is, decide what height and shape you would like the hedge to be.
  • Begin by cutting the branches on the side of the hedge. Cut the branches about six inches shorter than you actually want them; this will keep the cut even and smooth.
  • Next, cut the top of the hedge about 12 inches shorter than you actually want the hedge to be.
  • Using your trimmers, shape the top and sides of the hedge. Remember as you are trimming what the natural shape of the hedge should be. For example, if you make the top round, it will take on a natural look and make maintaining the hedge easier.
  • Let your hedge grow to the height you want.
  • Trim the hedge once in a while so it maintains its shape.
  • Continue to trim/cut the hedge on a regular basis. Do not let the hedge grow more than 12 inches above the desired height and shape.

Safety Tips

When cutting or trimming your hedges, always keep safety in mind. The hedge cutter and trimmer can do a number on your fingers, hands, arms or other body parts if they are not used properly. Always wear safety glasses — a stick in the eye is not fun for anyone.

Once all your hedge cutting and trimming is complete, your yard will look beautiful and your curb appeal will be the envy of all your neighbors. If you’re trying to sell your home, beautiful hedges are a great selling point.

For all your lawn equipment and small-engine repair needs, visit Ralph Helm Inc. in Elgin and Crystal Lake, IL.

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