How to Protect Your Landscape in Winter

You spend all spring and summer pampering your landscape and then winter comes along and wreaks havoc on all of your hard work. While you can’t stop the snow, ice and cold, there are a few steps you can take that will minimize the damage to your lawn, plants and trees and help them to look their best when spring arrives. Here are a few ways to protect your landscape during the winter weather.

Fertilize and Deep Root Fertilize

It is recommended that you fertilize the lawn two to three times during the fall. This will help to strengthen the roots for the spring and when the top growth stops, use a mineral fertilizer to help supply the lawn with the essential nutrients it will need during the winter. Deep root fertilization used for trees and shrubs will help supply nutrients during the winter as well help to reduce the soil compaction which allows oxygen to effectively reach the roots, which will help to improve the overall health of shrubs and trees.

Protect Trees and Shrubs

Winter weather often brings with it high winds, which can damage tree limbs and ice covered shrubs. Avoid shaking the snow off of tree limbs and branches. They are already fragile, and the shaking can cause stress which can damage the limbs, preventing growth in the spring. Consider having trees and shrubs pruned and cabled during the fall to help minimize the risk of damage from storms and to help preserve the structure of the trees. Using a tree bark protector around the trunk will help protect trees from rabbits, mice and other animals as well as protect the trunk against splitting from freeze-thaw cycles.

When the leaves have all fallen, don’t forget to clean them up. Fallen leaves can prevent sunlight and moisture from reaching the grass as well as lead to mold growth and rot. When it comes time to de-ice the walkways and driveways, be cautious of the de-icing products you use, especially when using a snow thrower that may toss the products on the grass, trees and shrubs. Choose products that contain safe ingredients to avoid damaging the landscaping as well as to prevent cracks from forming in concrete walkways and driveways.

Contact Ralph Helm Inc. Lawn Equipment Center to learn more information about how to protect your landscape during the winter and to schedule an inspection of your winter lawn equipment to ensure everything is in top condition.

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