How to Replace a Battery in Your Cub Cadet Tractor

Cub Cadet 1045Batteries are a common wear item in machinery, and replacement may be necessary. If a battery cannot hold a charge or if the terminals appear to be corroded, it may be time to replace it. Replacing a battery in a Cub Cadet tractor is simple. With just a few simple precautions, owners can quickly replace and reinstall their battery.

Safety Precautions

Before working on a Cub Cadet tractor, owners should first set the parking brake. This will prevent the vehicle from moving while the owner works on it. The tractor should be parked in a clear, level area. If the only surface available is a slope, block the wheels before working on the tractor.

Additionally, modern Cub Cadet tractors use sealed batteries. Owners should not attempt to pry the battery open or refill it with acid. Doing so may expose the owner to toxic chemicals. If the battery is malfunctioning, simply purchase a new one and recycle the old one.

If you wish to remove the battery for charging at another location before spending money on a new battery, ensure that the battery is being charged in a clear, well-ventilated location well away from any ignition sources. When charging the battery, use a 12-volt battery charger and charge it at a maximum rate of 10 amps. Charge the battery until it is fully charged and test it. If the battery fails, proceed with the replacement.

Items Required

Changing a battery on a Cub Cadet tractor requires minimal hardware. First, owners need a new battery. Second, to remove and install the battery, Cub Cadet tractor owners need only an adjustable wrench to loosen three bolts. In many cases, this will be all that is necessary.

Before replacing a battery, owners should visually inspect the old unit. If the terminals are excessively corroded and leaking acid and other toxic chemicals, owners will benefit from wearing gloves while handling it. Owners who handle the battery without gloves should still wash their hands thoroughly afterwards in order to remove any toxic chemicals on the outside of the battery.

Uninstalling the Battery

Uninstalling the battery is simple. First, obtain access to the battery. Lift the hood and remove any side panels or portions of the bulkhead that obstruct access to the battery. Next, remove the negative cable from the old battery’s negative terminal. Then, remove the positive cable from the old battery’s positive terminal. Disconnecting the positive cable first may produce sparks and should be avoided.

Once the terminals have been disconnected, owners must remove the hex bolt that secures the retention rod to the battery tray. Rotate the rod upward and around the battery to clear the battery for removal. The final step in removing the battery is to simply remove the battery by pulling it up by its strap and out of the tractor.

Reinstalling the Battery

To reinstall the battery, owners need only perform the same procedure in reverse. First, owners must lower the new battery down into the battery tray, oriented in the same manner as the previous battery. Next, replace retention rod in its previous slot. This rod will prevent the battery from sudden movement and damage while the machine is in motion and should be tight around the battery. Replace the bolt and thread it back on to secure the rod.

Next, connect the cables to the new terminals. As with their removal, owners should replace them in a certain order. Connect the positive cable to the positive terminal first and the negative cable to the negative terminal second. Once this has been completed, start the tractor to verify that the battery has been installed correctly.

Disposal of the Old Battery

Do not dispose of your old battery in the garbage. Lead-acid batteries contain numerous materials that are hazardous for the environment and possible to recover if recycled. Many local vendors that sell large lead-acid batteries, such as automobile and equipment parts stores, will also take in the old battery. Owners can also dispose of it as hazardous waste themselves, but taking it to a local merchant is the simplest way to dispose of an old battery.

Purchasing a New Battery

When purchasing a new battery, owners should ensure that they receive the right product for their machine. Owners must also ensure that they transact business with a quality vendor. Ralph Helm, Inc. has been serving the community for 80 years. With retail locations in Elgin and Crystal Lake, IL, buyers can stop in and purchase an array of new Cub Cadet equipment including replacement batteries. Customers who cannot make it to the store can visit the company web site and order batteries online.


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