How to Replace a Troy-Bilt Mower Blade for Riding Mowers

Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 Riding MowerThough riding mower blades are designed to stand the test of time, often lasting a few consecutive summer seasons before requiring replacement, they will inevitably need to be removed and replaced with new OEM blades from the company. New blades will make sure that the mower is cutting the lawn at a consistent height, without letting dents or debris cause inconsistencies that could best be described as unsightly and distracting. 

The process of replacing mower blades on a Troy-Bilt riding mower is actually quite easy, with a few basic steps that will allow for great safety, quick removal, and sensible replacement in no time.

Step 1: Ensure Safety Before Removal

If the mower was recently in use, its engine should be allowed to fully cool before the replacement begins. This will take about an hour, though it may take longer on particularly hot days. The spark plug wires should also be disconnected, preventing accidental and unwanted engine activity. To prepare for replacement, the mower deck should be adjusted to its highest position and a wooden block should be placed in the deck to stop the blades from rotating. The deck should then be lowered onto the wooden block to keep it in place.

Step 2: Remove the Engine Pulley Belt

Troy-Bilt riding mower owners should now remove the belt keeper around the engine pulley by removing the self-tapping screw that keeps it in place. When the belt keeper has been removed, the belt itself should be removed from the engine pulley.

Step 3: Remove the Mower Deck

Next, the mower deck will be detached from the riding mower for easier replacement of the blades. Do this by removing the bow-tie clip from the left and right rear sides of the mower deck, removing the hanger rod afterward. Next, the PTO cable should be removed and the tension spring near the idler arm should be released. The wooden block inserted during the first step of the process will now need to be removed to continue with deck removal. When it has been removed, the deck should slide easily and effortlessly out from underneath the mower.

Step 4: Remove the Blades from the Deck

With the deck released from the mower, owners should now turn the deck over to reveal the mower blades. After putting on protective gloves to guard against cuts and scratches, those blades should be secured with an Arnold blade removal tool. Next, remove the bolt that keeps the blade in place on the mower’s spindle. Take the blade off and set it aside for proper disposal when the replacement process is complete. Repeat this removal process for all blades installed.

Step 5: Install New Blades

Next, mower owners will need to install and assemble all of the new Troy-Bilt blades into place on the spindle. This will require a bit of finesse and adjustment, but it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. When the blades are properly set into place, secure the bolt that will hold them in place after the deck has been re-attached. When the blades are installed and secured, remove the Arnold tool that was installed in step four.

Step 6: Reassemble the Mower Deck and Riding Mower

With the blades now set into place and tightly secured using proper hardware, the mower deck can now be fully reassembled, When the assembly process is complete, turn the mower deck back over to its standard, flat position. Slide it underneath the mower and perform the deck removal steps in reverse. Be sure to check every fitting, belt, and bow-tie clip, in order to ensure that the mower does not experience any damage or disruptive malfunctions once it is put back into service.

Step 7: Undo the Safety Procedures in Step One

Be sure to reconnect the spark plug wires at the conclusion of the process, as the mower will simply not start if those wires are not put back into place. With the spark plugs set back into place, the mower will be ready for new, more accurate cutting that work like new.

Order OEM Parts in Advance from Ralph Helm Inc.

Replacing Troy-Bilt mower blades requires the new blades to be on hand from the beginning, so mower owners should make sure that they have OEM replacement parts waiting by their side. The best way to find OEM replacement blades is by using the online parts lookup tool offered by Ralph Helm Inc. on the company’s website.

The parts lookup tool is actually able to sort parts by the riding mower’s model number, the part number of the blades required for the job, or the mower type being replaced. From there, it’s as easy as a few clicks to order the parts and have them shipped quickly. The repair can then proceed effortlessly from start to finish.


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